Ed and Lorraine Warren's Worst Nightmare: Haunted Devil Doll Sells on eBay

Ed and Lorraine Warren’s Worst Nightmare: Haunted Devil Doll Sells on eBay


Haunted houses have been going up for sale in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and some big ticket items like the world’s most haunted island, and Dracula’s castle. While the recession lingers, and realtors say it’s a buyers market, nobody’s got the scratch for big ticket items.

Think smaller, like Ed and Lorraine Warren, ’cause a haunted bunny doll was snapped up on eBay a couple days ago for the low-low price of $182.



Need this doll gone NOW!!
Since having this doll which is not very long.
(u may have seen this listed before not long ago)
We hear odd sounds and my son has been scratched on his face in his sleep. (pic no 3)
He’s started to sleepwalk.
I’ve done evps and caught a child like voice talking back!! My son says I sitting by mum. And someone says bk I sit here and I watch!! I get a very eerie feel from this doll when I first held it I got the shakes.
I don’t want this doll in the house anymore!!
This doll is very old and very worn plz study pics!

UK bidders only!!

No returns!!

Hoping to find a few choice listings, I scoured eBay to no avail. Every other listing was by someone specializing in selling possessed curiosities. There can’t be that many haunted antiques and dolls in the world to help someone earn beer money. Other listings were coy, not wanting to be asked about their frightful encounters with the object. Overall, “haunted” appears to be click bait more than anything else for ugly toys found at storage facility and garage sales.


All isn’t lost, here’s a pair of voodoo dolls that caught my eye. Auction description is “Voodoo dolls old……..”. They’ve got kinky stains, and maybe, just maybe, they’re legit. But time’s running out!

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