Bigfoot 101: Centralia College Hosts Continuing Education Course In Cryptozoology

Bigfoot 101: Centralia College Hosts Continuing Education Course In Cryptozoology

bigfootcommunityAh, spring. A time when a young man’s fancy turns to higher education. If you happen to be in Washington state, you’ll be happy to learn Centralia College is hosting a course on Bigfoot.

Right alongside tai ch’i with the elderly, housewives hoping to be the next Stephenie Meyer, and the perennial basket weaving, is CSI Bigfoot: Legend Meets Science.1

The course’s name should sound familiar, drawing upon Jeff Meldrum’s Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science. From what little information is available on the web, the syllabus is skepticism but not the pejorative definition embraced by mainstream news. In other words, considering all available data, rather than cherry picking to fit a group’s agenda.

Instructor Mitch Townsend wants to continue Meldrum’s work in these Saturday classes, examining evidence, rather than banging sticks against trees and hooting like owls. In fact it’s heartening to hear he’ll be taking the subject seriously from his interview at the Centralia Chronicle.


“There is such an intense public interest in this topic, and Chehalis is right on the edge of Bigfoot Country, so it’s perfect,” Townsend said. “A lot of what is shown on TV is insulting to reputable efforts that scientists are involved in… I wanted to offer a course to bring together all the information and evidence.”

Registration begins on Thursday the 20th, and the class is just $5.

Your best friend bedded your mom for less. But that goes without saying.

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