Did Hitler Survive World War II by Escaping to Brazil? One Woman Says She Has Photographic Evidence

Did Hitler Survive World War II by Escaping to Brazil? One Woman Says She Has Photographic Evidence

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Many people desperately want their idols to cheat death, whether its Elvis Presley, Andy Kaufman1, Tupac Shakur, or Adolf Hitler.

Wait, what?

In the cleverly titled Hitler In Brazil – His Life And His Death, Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias does not merely dip her toe into strange waters, she cannonballs into the deep end. Her book outlines Hitler’s escape via Vatican-controlled ratlines, and his happy retirement in a May/December marriage with a black woman.


This isn’t the first time people have embraced the possibility of Hitler’s escape. Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan’s book Grey Wolf: Escape Of Adolf Hitler tells how he and Eva ducked out of Deutschland in a U-boat, wound up in Mar Del Plata, had two kids, and died at the ripe old age of 73.

Simoni says she knows the real resting place of Adolf Leipzig, née Hitler, and hopes to prove her hypothesis via genetic testing. She’ll be comparing her results against the DNA of one of Hitler’s relatives living in Israel. Good luck with that, since back in 2008, Tanya Gold visited Hitler’s converted Jewish kin who insists, “I have neither any blood nor DNA from Adolf and his family.”2


Why would anyone in their right mind think Hitler was among us? A confluence of mix-ups, combined with Soviet secrecy, make fertile ground for such conspiracies.

May 2nd, the Soviets arrived at the führerbunker after Hitler’s suicide, retrieved Adolf’s body, along with his Nazi comrades, autopsied, and buried them in an unmarked grave. Twenty five years later, the KGB ordered them exhumed and reburied elsewhere to avoid establishing a shrine to fascism. Only Hitler’s body was to be cremated again, his ashes scattered in a nearby river with the Russkies saving a skullcap and Hitler’s jawbone as trophies.

When the University of Connecticut swabbed the skull fragment in 2009, doubt was cast upon the alleged mortal remains of the evillest man alive dead. Not only did the bone belong to someone younger than Hitler, but the subject was female. To date, no DNA testing has been performed on the remaining jawbone to confirm its legitimacy. Muddying the waters, the Russians can’t get their story straight. The vice president of the Russian state archive was quoted, “No one claimed that was Hitler’s skull”, but others in Russia insist the skull belonged to their former nemesis.3

Cursed with terrible hygiene, and dragon breath, Adolf had lots of dental work done in his brief life. One side of his jaw had been excavated to accomodate a unique metal bridge. With the help of the reichszahnarzt, Hugo Blaschke, who fitted Hitler with the device, Hitler’s jawbone was purportedly a match to x-rays taken of his head. This satisfied the Allies, confirming Hitler was not merely dead, but really most sincerely dead. The elephant in the bunker is, why aren’t the Russkies letting someone swab and test the jawbone after the boner with the skull?

Physical evidence exists, we have the technology to compare the DNA, and such inquiry will further confirm the bone belongs to Hitler.

But if it doesn’t match…

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