Illegal Aliens In Mexico? UFO/Helicopter Chase In Mexicali Skies!

Illegal Aliens In Mexico? UFO/Helicopter Chase In Mexicali Skies!

Twelve years after 9/11, the Tortilla Curtain is no longer as porous as we’d like to be. Hell, the incentive for Mexicans to earn an honest day’s wage en el norte has gone up in smoke with the peso outpacing the American dollar in value.

Good thing, otherwise we wouldn’t have more stalwart Mexicans holding their heads high, spotting high strangeness among the stars. The following video is from Stalin Valle Osuna capturing a constellation of thirteen lights in the sky. A helicopter can be seen around 2m06s into the video when the cameraperson zooms in on a light.

Scrolling down to the YouTube comments, may God have mercy upon my soul, I found this gem:

In Cabos I got to see a fleet of over 50 luminous objects at a height of 200 mts approx if not a little more, moved from horizontally without even up, which made me think they were not of those Chinese balloons and that was not wind. I was so impressed that I forgot to record. But it was amazing.


En los Cabos me toco ver una flotilla de más de 50 objetos luminosos a una altura de 200 mts aprox si no un poco más, se desplazaban de de forma horizontal sin siquiera subir, lo que me hizo suponer que no eran de esos globos chinos ya que tampoco había viento. Me quede tan impresionado que se me olvidó grabar. Pero fue increíble.

Could this be a trend? Just imagine the shitstorm that’d envelop our planet if aliens decided to make first contact with third world countries, rather than the ‘developed’ surveillance states in the west. ¡Digame, ese, al Facebook, Twitter, o en los comentarios!


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