Paranormal Investigator Calls Ghost Photo "Most Impressive of Entire Career" [UPDATED]

Paranormal Investigator Calls Ghost Photo “Most Impressive of Entire Career” [UPDATED]


A spooky photograph captured last month in a New Jersey cemetery has some paranormal investigators saying it’s the holy grail of paranormal evidence. But could there be another explanation for the striking image?

Paranormal radio show host Mark Johnson posted the image to his Facebook page yesterday, telling his friends that the image might just be the best one he’s ever seen in his career.

This photo was taken by a friend’s son last month in a cemetery in Wantage, NJ. This is without a doubt one of the most impressive apparition photos that I’ve ever seen in my career. No description is necessary.


The image appears to show a translucent woman in period clothing sitting by a tombstone, staring vacantly into the dark. But in this new age where every cell phone can download a $.99 ghost hoaxing app, can images this good be trusted?

Wantaj, New Jersey cemetery ghost

I asked Mark if he thought the kid behind the image was trustworthy, and pointed out that, judging by the size of the spooky ghost lady in comparison to the tombstones, she would be the spirit of a lilluputian-sized midget, but he insists that there’s no reason the photo should be fake.

One of the main reasons I’m impressed with this photo and don’t feel it’s a fake is that the friend who shared it with me did so on a whim and showed them to me on her phone. I asked her to send me a copy. She and her son have absolutely no reason to fake a photo. They are not seeking publicity and they would have no reason to try to fool me. I know that we have are a skeptical group of researchers and we call into question everything we see, but sometimes I think we can over-think things and the simple answers may be more in line with the truth. Yes, this could be a fake and we really have no way of proving it one way or the other. So all things being equal, I lean towards it being genuine based on the facts surrounding how the photo came to me.

For what it’s worth, I spent half an hour googling the images used in various ghost apps, and also wasted $.99 on one, and still have been unable to find a matching image of a woman in a dress. So maybe there really is a ghostly midget woman haunting a cemetery in New Jersey.

ghost captured in Wantage, NJ


What do you think? Check out the original image below, do your own detective work, and share your findings with us on Facebook, on twitter @WhoForted, or in the comments section below.

UPDATE: It’s a hoax

With apologies to hopeful ghost midget hunters everywhere, we can safely say that the photo is a fake.. as suspected. The spooky gal is a perfect match for a puffy-shirted woman included in a ghost app, as pointed out by detectives Tonya Hacker and Bob Dezon. Stellar work, guys.

Here’s the ghost app image as provided by PSIRO (who provide a great resource for sniffing out suspected fakes):


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