Is Huge Handprint Found in a Nevada Cave Evidence of Cannibal Giants?

Is the Huge Handprint Found in Nevada’s Lovelock Cave Evidence of a Lost Race of Cannibalistic Giants?


Did two Bigfoot hunters stumble onto evidence of a long lost race of giant cannibals in a Nevada cave? They believe that their discovery of a huge, charred handprint backs up their claims of legendary “Red-Headed Giants”.

In 1911 David Pugh and James Hart, two guano miners (yes, mining bat poo is really a thing) were excavating a cave on the eastern side of Nevada when they found something intriguing buried under 250 tons of excrement.

According to the men’s bizarre tale, hidden beneath six feet of bat crap they discovered several sets of giant bones, remains which many now believe belong to the Si-Te-Cah, a storied Paiute tribe of red-haired cannibal giants. Legend has it that the last remaining giants were burned alive inside the cave thousands of years ago.


As if being torched alive and having your race wiped out wasn’t bad enough for Si-Te-Cah, it seemed that Pugh and Hart were more interested in harvesting guano than preserving history, and many artifacts were destroyed before the Museum of Anthropology and the University of California were finally contacted for a proper excavation. Eventually, in 1984, Lovelock Cave was designated as a historical site and given all the protections that come with the title.

Recently, a set of images snapped by Bigfoot Investigators MK Davis and Don Monroe were released, showing the interior of the 150-foot cave and what looks to be one very large hand-print. According to ‘Paranormal Geeks Radio’ the proportions of the suspected hand-prints may have belonged to a person roughly 18 feet tall. Adding to the evidence captured by the Squatchers are what they claim to be dermal ridges burned into the stone bolder, which would point to impressions made by human (or human-like) hands.


More investigation is in the works, but for now what we’re left with is a bunch of images that you have to admit are pretty interesting. See the photos for yourself and stay tuned for more!

What do you think about the images captured by MK Davis and Don Monroe? Is it evidence of long dead, giant, red-headed cannibals? Or did they simply find the remnants of an ancient campfire? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, on twitter @WeirdHQ, or in the comments below!


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  1. Red Pill Junkie

    07/29/2013 at 12:36 PM

    I thought the red-haired man-eating giants had 6 fingers.

  2. Harley

    07/29/2013 at 1:46 PM

    Surely there are scientific tests that can be used to identify the remains. Scrape off a sample, and run some tests? I have no idea who you’d go to for these sorts of tests, though. But surely there must be something left behind for testing in that ‘hand print’..

  3. Jay

    07/30/2013 at 7:06 AM

    Maybe he was an Aryan red headed giant thief, but was living under ancient Sharia Law, cost him a digit

    • Red Pill Junkie

      07/30/2013 at 12:03 PM

      Yakuza Yeti? 😛

    • Egyptian Princess

      02/24/2014 at 2:48 PM

      HAHAHA that is a good one. Like button.

  4. Mike Sievers

    07/30/2013 at 8:54 AM

    So where are the bones? That is much better evidence…

    • desert

      07/31/2013 at 1:52 PM

      The stupid assed smithsonian took all the evidence and now as usual say they don’t have it….they can’t let anything out that shows their evolution theory is bullshyt now can they? That would show them as the gullible fools they are!

      • Darren

        08/01/2013 at 1:26 AM

        How exactly would the giant bones disprove the theory of evolution? Considering there are fossils and bones of other apes larger than humans already recorded surely these would just add the large pile of evidence supporting the theory of evolution..

        • bill

          08/04/2013 at 10:17 AM

          because in evolution,,, the STRONG survive

          • jesse

            08/04/2013 at 2:29 PM

            with that logic we should still be surrounded by dinosaurs. neanderthals were larger and stronger than humans but they didnt survive either. your logic is weak son.

          • CS

            08/04/2013 at 6:38 PM

            According to Wallace and Darwin the best adapted survive, the most fitting. Even if they meant ‘fit’ in the sense of healthy, it would not automatically include the strong.

          • Marci Nelson

            09/27/2013 at 11:38 AM

            Yes, the “Strong” survive; but, there’s also the question of ‘intelligence’, being “big & strong’ is nothing without a keen intellect.

            *On another note, how could they be deemed as ‘cannibalistic’, when clearly, they’re not human? I believe that the giants were of a completely different species altogether.

          • Believer

            09/29/2013 at 5:45 PM

            The tribe was supposedly burned to extinction bill. It would take more than ‘strong’ to survive that. Plus, have you seen a marmoset? they are tiny, and they’ve been around for a long time. Sure, brawn is great, but brain really decides what evolution lives on. And poachers of course. RIP thylacines/tasmanian tigers.

          • Brea

            05/19/2015 at 12:14 PM

            The strong don’t survive; the ADAPTABLE are the ones who survive. When that asteroid hit earth, (if indeed that is what happened) the strong were too large and probably couldn’t get enough food, thereby starving to death. The smaller beings could live on what they were able to find and they were able to adapt.

  5. don

    07/30/2013 at 9:13 AM

    The bones of 7′ and 8′ giants have been removed many years ago. Some of the bones are supposed to in a museum in Winenmucka (sp) . I called them, they said the bones are no longer allowed to be viewed by the public.

    • Thorin

      07/30/2013 at 12:06 PM

      That seems rather odd

      • desert

        07/31/2013 at 1:52 PM

        seems rather smithsonian to me!

    • Justin Case

      07/30/2013 at 2:47 PM

      I advise you chain yourself to that museum door, pour gasoline or go on a hungry strike demanding you view the bones and secretly photography and post them on “Who Forted” for us to believe you with unequivocation.

      • icliks

        07/31/2013 at 10:50 AM

        There really is a conspiracy on the part of the darwinists (aka Smithsonian) to bury, or should we say re-bury evidence of ancient giants. If you don’t believe that, research it. Then you will. Here’s a place to start.

      • jesse

        08/04/2013 at 2:30 PM

        lol justin is that you its robbie burgs son

    • transientdreams

      08/01/2013 at 8:49 AM

      None of the ancient giant bones are allowed to be viewed anywhere in the world because of religious and historical conflicts. Theologians will lose followers in droves & academics of actual conventional, written history will be booed from their university podiums en mass. These are cowards who fear the truth and their own exposure. Both religious AND historical “scholars” are feeding you shit saying: “Most nutritious! Keep eating!” While pissing on your head telling you: “It’s just rain, kiddo. Ain’t it refreshing?”

      And it won’t ever, EVER stop until we teach our kids AND grand kids exactly what ‘Forbidden Archeology’ is all about!~

      • Dana

        09/24/2013 at 6:56 PM

        Theologians would not lose followers, the bible talks about giants, the museums aren’t allowed to show them because it backs up what the bible says! They would never do anything to prove the bible is based on facts.

        • evilsloth

          01/28/2015 at 2:00 AM

          It is the best way to be deceptive, mix some truth in the b.s. less work than hiring lackeys to tie the congregation to racks and all…

  6. Hugh McCallie

    07/30/2013 at 11:41 AM

    Anyone seriously interested should contact the museum in Winnemucca, Nevada, and purchase the book written by a Chief’s daughter, Sarah Winnemucca. The book contains a brief account of the event, which was a very long time ago, when there were many lakes in a state which is now mostly desert. Notice the dry lake beds on any good map of Nevada. Most of the skeletal remains were stolen by a University of California Professor, and others, so the Museum should not be blamed for keeping the bones locked away from public view. I will not respond to any comments.

    • Hugh McCallie

      07/30/2013 at 11:45 AM

      Litigation against the U of C was not successful. They said the bones were “lost”.

      • None

        02/02/2014 at 5:01 PM

        Hearing of so many places claiming to have lost them; why do you need to see them to believe? They are admitting they exist in stating they are lost, that’s enough proof. Fill in the rest of the puzzle now.

  7. Cato

    07/30/2013 at 4:03 PM

    Many finds of this nature were reported throughout N. America during the 19th Century, and in the latter part of that century as well as the early 20th, many teams were dispatched from the Smithsonian in particular, as well as private universities such as Harvard and Yale, which had large anthropological collections. These teams made collections that were often documented in local newspapers, as the activities were arduous, took time, frequently took place under very harsh conditions, and made an impression upon the locals (indeed, frequently employed them briefly). Virtually all of these collections have been “lost” or “disappeared.” Modern anthropologists deny their existence, or refer to them as myth or “conspiracy theory.” For more, see Steve Quayle’s website, or The world is not necessarily as you have been made to believe.

  8. Fabiana Letícia

    07/30/2013 at 4:17 PM

    Porque nos escondem a história? qual é o propósito de tanto mistério, o que não querem que saibamos.?????????

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  12. White Trash Peg

    07/31/2013 at 1:25 AM

    I actually vaguely remember stopping to look at petroglyphs near here when I was ghost town hunting in Northern Nevada. I wish my lousy guide book would’ve said something about giant’s handprints – I would’ve explored a little harder!!

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  15. John Davis

    08/01/2013 at 6:06 AM

    This is a lot like the “artificial structures” that certain crackpots keep finding on Mars. Pick the most artifical-looking rock formation among a sea of similar rock formations, conveniently ignore the other rock formations, and call the one “artificial”.

    The same goes with this cave find. Let’s pretend that the soot (of what looks to be dozens if not hundreds of campfires) above the “hand” isn’t there, and that the thumb isn’t in the wrong place, and that the rest of the palm isn’t missing, so we can be astonished that *some* of the other fire marks look a little like fingers. Sigh.

    On the fringe where it belongs.

    And this is coming from someone who wholeheartedly believes there are giant skeletons in the basement of the Smithsonian.

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  22. arb

    08/06/2013 at 7:26 AM

    I am pretty sure that’s Rorschach hand print.

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  24. PoeticsOfBigfoot

    08/15/2013 at 6:49 AM

    Forget the handprint, what about the huge dick-shaped knife in the first photo!?! Woof!

  25. Defiant

    09/04/2013 at 8:55 AM

    There are no such thing as giants. Not giant humans, anyway. Where are they all? There must not have been many of them since there have been like…five “giant” skeletons found over the entire earth…all found by spurious characters…and all vanished mysteriously…

  26. adeleH

    09/07/2013 at 6:54 PM

    Satan left a burned imprint on the cover of a woman’s bible which is now at a museum of all Satan’s b.s in the Vatican City of Rome. The woman was found slumped at a wooden table next to the bible dead from a heart attack back in the 18th or 19th century. Now the image above looks nothing close to a handprint from something of either world lol ..Dude has to much time on his hands *rolls eyes*

  27. jim

    09/12/2013 at 2:03 PM

    I believe cannibalistic giants did exist but that’s more like a handprint of a newborn. The real giants and giantesses stood about 80-100 feet tall and you could lie down in the palms of their hands and fit easily whole in their mouths. They hunted and ate normal people raw or cooked.

    • evilsloth

      01/28/2015 at 2:48 AM

      I believe exaggeration still exists.

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  29. cheesypoofs

    10/07/2013 at 4:38 PM

    Why do people still tell the establishment of their findings before letting the world know?


  31. drew

    12/17/2013 at 8:11 PM

    If this is all true ? The Book of Enoch, Explains everything, ! That’s why they’re hiding the truth, it would mean that, people were created by God and not from monkeys !

    • evilsloth

      01/28/2015 at 2:26 AM

      It’s like you never read that bibble. If a false god even manipulated matter, is that creation? I reason that it is not. Manipulating matter, IF that’s even what happenened is not creation. And who evet said people were made by monkeys, created, bred? Mutations happen.

  32. Anne

    02/05/2014 at 2:40 PM

    The bible does speak of giants,but both arguments of ‘not human’ and ‘human’ are right according to the bible’s words.
    Genesis 6:1-4 says, in short hand, that the angels saw that the human women where fair, and fell to marry them; and when angels fell they became demons, and the children of these demons and women where towering giants. So in a sense, giants are a demon/human hybrid.

    • evilsloth

      01/28/2015 at 2:35 AM

      The bible says… I wonder what volcano gods with no offspring would have to say about that, if there were volcano gods and not just psychos forcing peasants to tithe…

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  34. LiterarySubgenius

    01/23/2016 at 10:40 AM

    How could dermal ridges be “burned” into rock?

    • Greg Newkirk

      01/23/2016 at 4:36 PM

      Maybe it was just ash handprint that managed to stick around a long time?

  35. Ando

    03/21/2016 at 12:33 PM

    Maybe someone found a dark stain that was vaguely hand-shaped and made a legend to fit around it…

  36. Gerard Olszewski

    08/07/2016 at 2:58 PM

    The world was a crazy place before we “rewrote” history…

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