UFO Photographed in California is Straight Out of War of the Worlds

Jellyfish Shaped UFO Captured on Camera in California Looks Like Something Out of War of the Worlds


A mountaintop yoga session has yielded a highly bizarre UFO photo, and the weird object looks more like an underwater creature than an iconic saucer.

The odd image was captured on July 14th by a group of hikers who trekked to the top of Steven’s Trail in Auburn, California for a mid-day yoga session. After snapping a few images of poses on the rock face, a hiker noticed a strange anomaly hovering in the background of the photo, and the big flying jellyfish doesn’t look like any UFO we’ve ever seen reported before.

Here’s the full report filed with MUFON:


My friends and I were on a hike on a popular trail in Auburn, California, when we decided to stop and rest about a mile down the trail. There is a rock that protrudes from the mountainside that overlooks most of the canyon and river below that is ideal for photographs and provides a large vantage point of the surrounding mountains.

We were all taking turns doing yoga at this vantage point and taking pictures with an iPhone 4, and reviewing them immediately after. Upon reviewing the clarity of several of the photos that were taken seconds apart, we noticed an unusual object in the sky in one of the photos that did not appear in the pictures taken seconds before and after. The object appears to be a diamond shape with two narrow appendages protruding from the bottom and has a metallic appearance due to the reflection of the sun.

We all climbed as high as we could to see if the object could still be seen with no such luck. There was very little breeze and we saw no further aircraft or any kind of balloon for the duration of the hike. If we had not captured the object in that very brief moment, we would have most likely never seen the object as it made no noticeable sound, left no apparent trail in the sky on a nearly cloudless day, and it disappeared from sight immediately. We are not sure what the object is, but it appears to be large in size due to the focus in the foreground vs the slight blur of the object over the horizon line.

Does anyone else find it slightly disconcerting that the object bears a striking resemblance to the tripods from War of the Worlds?

So what do you say, gang? Have you ever seen an image of similarly shaped UFO? Send it over! Do you have any ideas on what the weird object could be? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, tweet us @WhoForted, or leave a comment below!


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