Man Fires Gun at Mother, Claims "She Was a Demon"

Man Fires Gun at Mother, Claims “She Was a Demon”


Jacksonville police are investigating a shooting that occurred Thursday when a 19 year-old man claimed to have shot at an attacking demon.. who was also his mother.

Police arrived the Cleveland Arms complex at around 1:30 in the morning after a 911 call was placed following a gun shot. The unnamed man was taken into custody, and the mother of the suspect explained to Sargent Bobby Lyle that the young man suffers from some “mental issues”.

“He shot at her thinking she was a demon….” Lyle explained to local news. “She was not hit, nor was anybody else.”


The man has yet to be arrested but an investigation has been launched.

Here’s a tip: just fill a Super Soaker with some holy water. If your mom bursts into the flames and starts screaming Latin, you should probably hit the road, Jack. If not, your mom is only angry.. not dead.


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