Has the Vampire Beast of North Carolina Returned? New Killings by Mystery Animal Match Classic Cryptid Case

Has the Vampire Beast of North Carolina Returned? New Killings by Mystery Animal Match Classic Cryptid Case


It appears that the Vampire Beast of North Carolina, a monster blamed for dozens of blood-drained animal corpses, is back on the prowl and hungrier than ever.

In 1953 the Bladenboro Newspaper covered a story about a strange creature that had blamed for the deaths of numerous dogs, draining them of their blood. Local eyewitnesses who spotted the beast claimed it possessed the body of a bear, the head of a cat, and that when it opened its mouth to growl it made the sound of a woman screaming.

The original newspaper article stirred up quite a bit of controversy, so much, in fact, that groups of farmers from neighboring towns came to Bladenboro to hunt and kill the creature. They never did track the beast down, and fortunately for them, the killings eventually stopped on their own.


The bizarre animal exsanguination began again in 2003, only this time it seemed the creature had broadened his horizons and was now killing in a 150-miles radius beyond Bladenboro.  During its second blood-run, the Vampire Beast of North Carolina was managing to slay even the bulkiest of Pit Bulls with ease and many Bladenboro residents claimed to have found strange tracks around their dead pets that even wildlife biologists couldn’t explain.

And then, much like in 1953, the killings stopped just as quickly as they began. Until last month, that is..

According to a report by paranormal investigator Thomas Byers, on June 15th 2013, Bladenboro, NC resident Misty Turner and her son Tyler contacted local police after something visited their farm in the dead of night, killing three of their horses and a large Bull Mastiff dog. Misty’s son Tyler found the horses after the barking dog had alerted the family to the fact that something was skulking around the property. The dog continued to bark for quite some time, obsessed with the dense wooded area alongside the farm.

Arriving police and veterinarians were shocked to discover that the horses had died from very deep puncture wounds to the neck. Even more shocking was that it seemed that the purpose of the marks was to allow the blood to be drained from the animals. The horses were also reported to have been wet with sweat, almost as if they had been running hard to avoid whatever was chasing them down.

The following evening, much to the Turner’s display, their dog was also killed in the exact same fashion, with two puncture marks to the neck, found with its blood drained. Misty claims to have seen the thing that had killed her animals as it was running from the lifeless body of her pet. Her description of the creature matched the same eyewitness reports of the Vampire Beast reported in 1953.

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I’m interested in trying to hunt down this thing if anyone is interested. I’d be happy to stay the night at your property and see if it comes around and, if I’m lucky shoot it and take it down. For good.

Send me an email at CreepFinder @ live.com

Hey names Justin I live in Sparta NC do you think that this creature would try to hurt or even kill humans as it did to those animals?

1953, 2003, 2013… Wonder if we’re missing 40 years of reports.

anyone see the mountain monsters episode were they’re hunting the devil dog. I think that was happening out in West Virginia but I’m not sure. Whatever it was, was big, canine and it killed coyotes. Maybe a large wolf or hybrid wolf of some kind. It was running in a pack of smaller dog like animals. Whatever it was, it wasn’t killing the coyotes for food. It would simple rip out the liver or drain the animal of blood. some of these details might be wrong but it’s strange that this creature and that creature are both just killing other… Read more »
I encountered this creature while driving in a car, near Currie, North Carolina, one night, back in about July of 2008. I had heard strange cries at night, many evenings prior to this one, in the exact same location – it sounded like a woman screaming of a baby crying, but was way more “out there” than that. One of those things you can’t put into words. On this particular evening, my girlfriend at the time and I were driving back from Currie, North Carolina, to Wilmington, about 40 miles away. It was dark, about 10:30 p.m. We were rounding… Read more »

I SERIOUSLY need to stop reading this kind of stuff. I’m gonna be jumping for my gun at the smallest of noises now! I have 9 horses and don’t want anything happening to any of them.

Hey, if you are interested in this type of thing you should check out this new show, MONSTERS UNDERGROUND
The first episode will follow a team of four hunters into Volcano Caverns in Flagstaff, Arizona, as they search for the reptilian/bat “cave demon” known as the Olitiau.

Hello: I am a researcher for M2 Pictures. We are considering a story on the Vampire Beast of North Carolina. M2 Pictures produces the Monsters and Mysteries show for Destination America. I am interested in speaking with anyone who has seen the beast. Please call me at 757-722-1400 x215 or write to me at [email protected]
Joanne Taylor

My father father and grandfather has supposedly raised a cub of a similar creature. they said that it was solid black and look like a black panther. Now personally I believe that this creature exists. And I’ve been researching beast of this sort for years. Whats weird to me is that most bodies of dead animals where goats and until recently the thing has attacked larger animals. I’m betting that the next attack is going to be on a human being

these attacks are not strange at all because they are made by something much more darker. People keep thinking that these attacks were made by a beast when it could have made by a beast like human.

Another classic, creepy chupacabra scenario. I’m not saying it’s actually the chupacabra – which changes from an alien reptoid monster to a dog with mange depending on which decade you first learned about it in – but there’s something out there slaughtering animals and draining ’em dry. Hell, this thing goes back as afar as 1953, if not later. /Something’s/ got a powerful thirst in North Carolina.

this sin’t a commercial you fuck

Greg Newkirk


I don’t know. Someone’s drunk on the internet again.

Matthew Ryan Bogenschneider

I completely agree with you some people say that it is a couger.I say that’s bullshit a couger can’t dislocate a 140 pound full-grown pitbulls skull and take out a chunk of its shoulder without leaving any traces besides tracks.also a couger won’t undig a dog owner had it burried and bring it back to the spot where it was killed.ifu want more info on the matter email me at [email protected].

Ah, a cryptid case from my neck of the woods. For those of you who are curious, Bladenboro is close to Wilmington, which is near the coast. This tends to rule out creatures like bears but opens up to new and interesting fauna, like alligators (though not likely). However, despite their recently extinct classification, NC is still, technically, a lurking spot for Mountain Lions, which despite their name, don’t always keep to the mountains. But the most obvious answer to this is that it’s not one creature but a pack of them; specifically, a pack of coyotes, which are usually… Read more »
It doesn’t sound like a pack doing this. In the winter of 1968 I was coming home from the store and as I pulled up our lane my mother was standing outside trying to get my attention. Mom rarely got flustered about anything but something had her wired. She told me I needed to see something so I followed her to the horse field across from the house. There were two areas fenced off, one covered several acres for the horses and the other as about 80′ by 80′ with no gate, why I have not a clue but it… Read more »
I live in Eastern NC about 2-1/2 hours north of Wilmington. I do not know how you can rule out bears because we have plenty of them around here. Anyway, this is the first time I have heard of these recent attacks. The puncture wounds to the neck would point me in the direction towards a large cat of some sort. Big cats usually kill by suffocation by biting their prey around the neck and closing off the airway. After the animal is dead, removing the blood is not an issue. The only thing that does not make sense is… Read more »

That vampire beast is a dangerous animal they need to hurry up and catch him i sure wouldn’t want to be in North Carolina!

Do you think its a human vampire doing these strange attacks?

Yes what about you?

Is that a Jack Davis kitty? Who drew that yo?


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we haven’t had any “blood drinking/vampire” type of animal mutilations that i know of around these parts.

we do have lots of black bears, wild hogs and mountain lions/panthers.

we have had lots of strange unexplainable animals seen.

most of the carcass is stripped down. the coyotes generally clean everything up.

one of the things that the livestock mutilations have as marker is that coyotes , buzzards , opossums and such tend to leave the ‘weird’ kills alone.

like they smell something wrong with it.


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Now that’s pretty crazy! I’m from North Carolina and I swear that I have heard animal noise as described in this article. This is like something out of a movie but I believe is someway that it is possible.