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Clairvoyant Clergy: Parapsychologist Says Successful Exorcists Must Cultivate Psychic Powers


Being an exorcist is a tough gig. You’ve got to have great interpersonal skills, memorize all that Latin, and be on call at a moment’s notice. Oh yeah, and there’s that whole thing about battling Satanic minions hellbent on destroying the good of humanity. If only they had the ability to see the demons they were chasing away..

Well, that’s exactly what one famous parapsychologist is recommending they do by taking time to master the power of clairvoyance.

Parapsychologist Jaime Licauco

Parapsychologist Jaime Licauco

Jaime Licauco, founder and president of the Inner Mind Development Institute, suggests that exorcist priests put too much stock in declaring all negativity the work of the devil, and that clinging to crucifixes and vials of holy water are merely broad strokes taken with a medieval brush. Licauco believes that to truly fight hidden monsters, you must peel back the ethereal veil and see if a monster resides there to begin with.


“As I have often said, I really pity the poor devil in this country, because he is always blamed by the clergy for something he may not be responsible for, or credited for something he may not have done,” he wrote yesterday. “To be a successful exorcist, one must be a clairvoyant, too—that is, one whose Third Eye is open and who can see and communicate with the spirits. Otherwise, it is a useless exercise.”

Licauco believes that an exorcist who cannot communicate with spirits may, in many cases, be doing more harm than good by driving away benevolent spirits that may actually be a healthy influence on the individual.

“..positive or benign entities should not be exorcised or forced out of a place because they do no harm, although they may initially scare people who don’t understand them. Often, they can be gently persuaded to leave the person or place and move on.”

Licauco’s advice is particularly interesting because for many Catholics, and other Judeo-Christian believers, the act of “communing with spirits” or the possession of psychic powers is seen as a gift obtained by the devil himself, so he might have a difficult time convincing the more devout demon busters to heed his advice.

So what about those exorcists who cannot, or will not, attempt to foster their powers of clairvoyance? The parapsychologist says they are “as blind as the victims of the evil spirits” they’re trying to exorcise.

Time to break out those Zener Cards, padre!

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