Shadow Boxer: Mischievous Ghost Caught on Film at Indoor Market

Shadow Boxer: Mischievous Ghost Caught on Film at Indoor Market


Is the Wellington Indoor Market in Shropshire, England haunted? The owners sure think so.

A CCTV video was posted to Youtube by the Market association on May 10th, and some believe what the security cameras captured might be evidence that the WIM is inhabited by a restless, box-hating ghost (what’s the deal with ghosts disliking boxes, anyway?).

A whopping 37 thousand-some viewers have watched the video so far, and those viewers have sparked some lively debate between those who believe to those who think the Wellington Market may have hoaxed the video to boost attendants.


The video, which was reported to have been filmed on the night of May 4th, shows an eerie shadowy figure ascending a set of stairs, and just as the figure disappears into the darkness a stack of boxes fly off a stall and go toppling down the staircase. The black and white CCTV footage is untenably creepy, but has that been enough to convince viewers?

Wellington Market manager Kay Boaky is certainly a believer.

“We couldn’t believe what we saw. All the hairs stood up on the back of my neck,” she told Updated News.

Mrs. Boaky was first to check the security video after finding a mess of boxes at the bottom of the staircase and suspecting the building might had been broken into, what she found on the video shocked her.

“There was nobody there when the boxes fell off. We watched it again and we could see the shadow walking up the stairs then chucking the boxes over.”

This is not the first time strange happenings have been experienced at the indoor market says employees. Reports of unexplainable disembodied voices have been experienced by customers, doors slamming by themselves, and there is even reports of a hand dryer turning on and off by itself.

All in all the video is interesting and I’m sure has done an excellent job bringing in quite a few curious customers in the last week and half, and though it’s possibly explainable its spine tingling none the less.

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