Glowing Encounters of the 3rd Kind: Australian Man Films Bizarre UFO Sighting

Glowing Encounters of the 3rd Kind: Australian Man Films Bizarre UFO Sighting


Did an 83 year old Australian man capture glowing green visitors from beyond on film?

Arthur Sollitt claims that on the night of February 24rd of this year he captured the strange video clip after spotting the strange lights from his lawn in Booval, Australia. When the weird sight returned, Arthur grabbed his camera and began filming.


UFO-Spotter Arthur Sollitt

“From some angles it is like a green rectangle, and then it has a white object above it almost in a T shape in some angles,” he told the Queensland Times. “At times the white image is above it and at times it is below it. It is almost as though it is turning upside down. It is real hard to explain.”


The strange UFO sweeps across the frame haphazardly, glowing against the sky. At times the object seems to morph and change shape as the camera loses and regains focus.

Mr. Sollitt didn’t actually come forward with his video until recently, when he heard of others having witnessed the bizarre flying object during the night of the 23rd. According to other eye-witnesses, the UFO may have been spotted up to three separate instances.

“I’ve seen a lot of things, but I haven’t seen anything like that… not even on the internet,” UFO Research Queensland investigator Ms. Gottschall told reporters. “It remains unidentified. I can see a flashing light on it and it is a strange shape. In some images it is slightly curved… the longer part of it.

“We’d like to hear from others who have seen it, but at this stage it is a mystery.”

So what do you think of Arthur Sollitt’s UFO encounter? I like to keep a fairly open mind, but after watching the video a few times I think this close encounter might have more in common with THESE than little grey men from space..

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