Skywatcher Films "Exploding UFO", Whitley Strieber Weighs In

Skywatcher Films “Exploding UFO”, Whitley Strieber Weighs In


Strange video footage of what skywatchers are saying is a UFO exploding in midair has surfaced on YouTube.

The video which was posted by user musicplyr1979 is a ten minute long continuous shot of what he initially thought to be the mystical planet Nibiru. The accompanying description describes how on the night of April 17th 2013 the videographer was filming the skies above his house as he usually does when he spotted what he described to be a UFO moving quickly above. He continued to film the “UFO” for a total of 30 minutes before it did something unexpected.

The strange silver orb looks begins what looks like a descent before “exploding” into many smaller pieces and disappearing altogether.


The video has captured the attention of many curiosity seekers, gaining 64 thousand viewers on Youtube and garnering the attention of Whitley Strieber himself, who described the footage as,

“…one of the most unusual UFO videos we have ever received.”

Strieber’s Unknown Country went on to describe the object as,

“…at least a few hundred feet in diameter, and probably much larger. There is no evidence that it is hostile or who made it. It could possibly be man-made, and part of an orbital project that has not been disclosed to the public.”

One explanation being tossed around is that musicplyr simply captured a weather balloon, and indeed, it would appear that one commenter found out that two were launched that day, in that area:

“The National Weather Service emailed me back and they launched two on that day in West Texas,”Cerey Runyon wrote. “They stated that thy usually pop around 7:30 or 8:00PM.. I still cannot explain how it turned into three objects an how it moved so damn fast in a downward projection. In addition, I suppose it could have been caught in a fierce downdraft like when airliners fall out of the sky. Still, for me, it is yet identified..”

This hasn’t exactly convinced believers.

The video is definitely strange, but I’ll let you see it for yourself. Fair warning, it’s a 15 minute video filled with End Times/Nibiru rants, so you might just want to skip about 9 minutes in to the really good stuff. When you’ve finished watching, let us know what you think! Drop us a line on Facebook, tweet us @WhoForted, or leave a comment below!


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