Dark Phoenix: Did NASA Photograph Strange "Angels" Near the Sun?

Dark Phoenix: Did NASA Photograph Strange “Angels” Near the Sun?


Did you know that over the past few months NASA has captured photos of angels flying near the Sun? Well, that’s what Share International Magazine editor Benjamin Crème wants you to believe, anyway.

Not once but twice in as many months, NASA has released two strange images of massive “beings” traveling across the sightline of the sun. Many UFO enthusiasts have been tossing in their two cents proclaiming the images to be of possible space crafts, but Crème disagrees.

“…our information is that it is an ‘angel’ or ‘deva’ as they are known in the East. The angelic or deva evolution runs parallel to that of the human and they can vary in size from tiny to colossal. This ‘angel’ was filmed moving near the sun and both photographs are of the same ‘angel’. Our information is that it is gigantic: about half the size of the Earth.”


Share International Magazine believes that many miracles have been happening in rapid succession over the past few years. These images, they claim, are just one of many and a direct sign of “Maitreya, the World Teacher”, who they believe will unite all world religions.

Unsurprisingly NASA has made no comment about the strange images photographed, nor have they addressed SIM’s angel theories.

If you ask me, it looks more like a phoenix than an angel. Somebody warn Charles Xavier before things get out of hand.

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