Telepathic Girl Wows Researchers with Ability to Read Minds

Prepare for Real-Life X-Men: Telepathic Girl Baffles Researchers with Her Ability to Read Minds


Being autistic, Nandana Unnikrishnan is not like other girls her age. Despite the troubles that come with such a developmental disorder, autism sometimes lends itself to unusual and amazing talents, but never one like this: Nandana is allegedly telepathic.

According to initial testing, it appears that the young Indian girl has the ability to read her mother’s thoughts and emotions with no physical contact, able to pass ESP tests with flying colors, even going so far as to type out entire poems that have been telepathically communicated to her. The results have stunned skeptical researchers like Dr. Phillip John of the Indian Psychiatric Society, who told the Khaleej Times that he believes Nandana’s case is genuine.

“We see several autistic children with savant skills like unusual Mathematical skills, extraordinary memory about calendar days and dates. In such cases, they have access to their memory. In some people with schizophrenia, there is a symptom called “thought broadcast” wherein they believe their thoughts are known to others. It is not transmission of memory. In Nandana’s case, she has access to her mother’s memory and there is a transmission of memory, that too without a medium. This is the first time I am seeing a case like this. Here, we are talking about memory as a function which is why it is very surprising. This is a very rare phenomenon of transmission of memory without a medium.”


Nandana’s parents first became aware of her bizarre talents when they began to notice “unusual coincidences” when it came to her almost premeditated responses to her mother’s thoughts and feelings.

“I used to feel strange when she would come to me and say the name of the food I was thinking of preparing for her”, Nandana’s mother Sandhya, told reporters. “The same way, if my husband and I had decided to take her somewhere, she would know about it without being told about it and would start reacting to it.”


Despite her amazing ability, the autistic girl still has trouble grasping certain concepts like words and objects, and has some issues writing and verbally communicating. To help overcome this challenge, Sandhya gave her daughter a keyboard, which she uses to type out responses. This has come with it’s own set of hurdles.

“Now, if I prompt her to type what I am thinking of, she can do that. Sometimes there could be spelling mistakes and she cannot understand the concept of punctuation marks and the space bar. If I say space in my mind when she types the words, she might start typing the word ‘space’ instead of leaving a space between the words,” Sandhya said.

The case has even attracted the attention of Dr. Darold A. Treffert, whose work in the field of gifted children has earned him the reputation of “godfather of savant research”, and even he believes that Nandana’s case is “very convincing”.

“I certainly want to emphasize that Nandana’s case is extraordinarily rare in an already rare condition, but with far-reaching ramifications,” he told the Khaleej Times.

In one test, Nandana and her mother were placed in separate rooms and Sandyha was given a six digit number to glance at. When Nandana was able to type the number with ease, the researchers decided to up the ante, and gave her mother a Grade 2 level poem to read. When prompted, the young girl was able to type the entire poem without issue.

As of now, Dr. Treffert remains amazed, but has urged the family to seek more controlled testing in order to verify claims of the girls extrasensory powers.

“I also want to compliment you on the testing you did to confirm the ability…When it is musical skill, or art, the pieces speak for themselves.  But in this instance the ability needs to be demonstrated by more rigorous testing of the type you did.”

If it turns out that Nandana’s abilities are, in fact, genuine, the implications would change everything we know about how the mind works and the shockwaves would be far reaching in the scientific fields. For now though, what we’re left with is a little girl whose mother is simply interested in answers.

“We want to know how it is possible for her to have this ability and how best we can make use of this for her future benefits or for others.”

Step one: build school for gifted children.
Step two: begin forming the real life X-Men.

So, what do you make of Nandana’s amazing abilities? Is she the world’s first real telepath? Or is there a simpler answer to the mind-reading skills baffling the researchers? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page, tweet us @WeirdHQ, or leave a message in the comments below!


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Greg Newkirk

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Greg Newkirk

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I have read that a person by the name of Arthur Yensen of the United States, who had a near death experience following clinical death in the early 1930’s as a result of a car crash, and before being resuscitated back to life, revealed that Satan’s fallen angels or demons (Revelation 12) are often responsible for mental telepathy or thought broadcasting on Earth. Many people who have had a heavenly near death experience before being resuscitated back to life from clinical death have reported conversing telepathically with God, Jesus, angels, deceased relatives, deceased pets, and etc. Those who have had… Read more »

So, the third eye is of Satan?
If I hear a woman think to herself “he looks like a pedophile”, that is because I (emphasis on I) am possessed by a demon? I would think it would be the other way around, that this gift is given to me by God so I can understand His pain, by seeing the evil and hypocrisy of His children, who have ben led astray by the devil.

Absolutely correct,thank you for speaking the truth so clearly.

I wonder how she’d handle the JREF challenge…


[…] Mason I. Bilderberg (MIB) via Who Forted? Magazine […]

She’s Indian, that’s why. They want to have everything.

Hahaha! True. Guess what, we have your attention dear Anti-Indiano, soon we will have everything you have. Mwahaahaahaahaa 🙂
Jokes apart, thanks for filling my lungs with that extra bit of oxygen. Your shallowness gives me and other Indians hope to keep going.

and you are a bigot. that explains your stupidity. bigots want attention, and their mommies.

You must be a TrOLL. Why would you say that about a people as a whole? Thats just plain evil.

I am fuming…. what have you got against indians

He is an evil person for making a blanket statement about eastern Indian people. There is nothing wrong with Indian people, I love there food and culture.

An exceptionally rare case because her abilities didn’t suddenly evaporate under testing like most psychics

Except no results have been published in any peer-reviewed literature yet. Until they are, this is just another unsubstantiated report of some wunderkind “baffling” some researcher somewhere. Let’s get some reproducibility with some statistically robust methods, and then we’ll talk.

I think there is a conspiracy of silence in the scientific community surrounding this type of phenomena. I’ve experienced it to much personally for it just to be coincidence or delusion or confirmation bias. I don’t claim to understand it, but this stuff is very real, I promise you.

Yeah, scientists are always, desperately, constantly trying to suppress the evidence of phenomena that would guarantee them global fame, ridiculous success, and effectively unlimited future funding. Man, the discovery of actual, real, reproducible evidence for any of these paranormal/supernatural/magical things would get whoever discovered it a Nobel prize in a heartbeat. If there is a conspiracy, it is between people who want actual, demonstrable evidence rather than campfire tales and “gut-feelings” about the real world from people with a lot of poorly remembered anecdotes.

I don’t buy you nonsensical assumptions Eric. Science has been manipulated like every institution of power. Corruption in science is why peer reviewed work is done. If you are ignorant of any agendas it’s because you are culturally biased. As a therapist I see it in all professions including mine. Psychic behaviour is repressed & shunned by various ideological agendas, with religious fanaticism. Today communities don’t threaten to burn a Galileo, they smear his professional reputation. Researcher Dean Radin reveal ample evidence that our academic world is politically influenced especially in areas of national security etc.

I’m not sure if there is intentional supression, but I think it’s quit difficult to get funding or to have work properly peer reviewed when your studying stuff on the fringe of what is accepted science. There is a lot of dogmatism within in science nowadays and most scientists don’t want to be associated with studying these phenomina

I’m with Eric. To publish a public record of telepathy carries many implications.

It tells us our brains have access to the EM Spectrum… by other means known to us. We’ll find out when everyone else does whether this is true or not.

Eric, this is the sort of thing that would be used against a scientist for decades. Even considering this in the scientific community would make you a laughingstock, no matter how much clear evidence you have. I fully believe that this is real and makes full sense. The human mind is an extremely powerful instrument that we have barely scratched the surface of.

Signed, A. True Believer

Check out the video “Shaolin Monk Drills his Head” There are a lot of superhumans that come and go without any real attention being paid to them. People just don’t like the idea of the supernatural. They like everything to be explainable and understandable, otherwise they don’t wanna even think about it.

it does exist though,telepathy that is;unless you wondered.

Eric u are wrong there, I have done my research and there are tonnes of proven scientific books and reports online that verify telepathic communication and not just people with disabilities either but people without also.

people not on the spectrum have no idea what our attributes are.
and most of us never speak of them.


[…] “Telepathic Girl Baffles Researchers with Her Ability to Read Minds” – Who Forted […]

Utterly fascinating! Stories like this are why who forted has quickly become my favorite website. Keep them coming!

God help the little girl if the government decide to use her!!!

Maybe she has been forced to read chip coffeys novel

She is fake like all the rest

Wow, you really are much smarter than everyone who believes in psychics not just some jackass.

What an idiotic remark.

The ironic part is that Kirby IS a psychic..

Boy, I guess you guys were right and I was really wrong, huh? All that actual, real, honest-to-god scientist approved data that came out, those reports in Nature and Science and PNAS, the huge NSF grant that was just awarded for further study…yup, this sure was a worthy news item!

I don’t know if she really is telepathic, but if she is, heaven help her and the family. Government agencies and the military will be all over them through one channel or another.

Guys, She is telepathic but can only read her mom’s mind not everyone’s specifically not even her dad’s.

It’s written clearly.

So no military no government can do her any harm.

Not yet anyway. I’m sure they’ll have their fun experimenting.

The government arent interested,thought broadcasting exists as well;no use to the government thoughall can read the thoughts) useless gift.

Please research synthetic telepathy, remote neural monitoring, voice to skull technology. These devices have proliferated and are used to abuse and torture human beings. Considering there are many new reports of victims in India it is possible that those who have their hands on these devices are using this technology on this family. They are criminals that need to be exposed to the world who commit crimes against humanity but they probably don’t torture everybody so in this sense this family is lucky.


I am father of an autistic child who is 8 years old and 6 months back the school teachers showed me the mind reading abilities of my child. One of the teacher asked her “What is your name”. The teacher in her mind thought about her Father’s name and she typed exactly that. I would not have believed if they would not have shown me this. I would say Science has a long way to go to understand how the brain works. Also I would be interested to know how this ability can be used for her learning

I have been screaming this is true with multiple people I have worked with over the last twenty-five years. If, you want to see it in action with multiple people, please contact me. It is not fluke. It is a well kept secret. I d not know why!

Mary Ann Harrington

i had a very acute incidences of hearing others thoughts. at an early age when i had just started walking i fell on a rock walking into my grandmother’s house a cracked my skull over my left eye. my left eye socket grew more shut on that eye! i have had kind of seizure like episodes. sometimes i feel a musical tone or song from a scene in the outdoors. i get flashes of advanced math solutions. If we humans have 99.99% the same DNA why is it so hard for us to see that it is possible to think… Read more »

I am surprise by Dr. Treffort’s current interest. I shared video and many similar cases with him in his own state of Wisconsin years ago. These cases could have been easily documented by taking a short drive to Milwaukee. Most of them are now adults but just as capable as ever, I am sure.

My name is Lance Riley my name is ringing around the world. The lord has put upon me telepathy. To meet me you will experience it and become a believer and proof, telepathy is more than fiction

I would like to. I am a strong sender to autistic people with the gift. Not sure how my abilities, would work with someone who was telepathic without autism. It would be fun to try:)

Well,i believe my name rings itself around the world and that i thought broadcast,usually the wrong kind of thoughts at that;I sincerely hope you manage the right thoughts.

Same type of case has telecasted in a Malayalam channel. Case study of a 8 years old boy with autism, his name is Chandrakanth.That video is available in Youtube.

it usually inflicts itself on Autistic,inward thinking,or shizoid people mainly.

Well, this explains a lot! I am a middle aged woman who is in the process of getting a ‘high functioning autism’ diagnosis. I remember when I was little that I too could ‘read minds’ but because I was bullied so much, no one gave a damn. I remember one really odd time when I was in the school library and couldn’t concentrate because I could hear what the kid sitting across from me was thinking. The thing is, I took it for granted that everyone could read the minds of others and when I told the librarian that I… Read more »

I like your comment I am also a telepath but I send thoughts. Wish I could meet someone like you.

I too am a telepath sender. My theory is that our brain chemistry is compatible with other people so they pick up these signals. Our brain electrical output is sort of like a TV signal output.
Have you actually been able to get the telepath receivers to cooperate with you so you can prove you and they are telepathic?

I am a teenager and I have tried that and it actually worked with alot of people.

What you are saying is true ,but do you know any way way to controll it,any medication to stop it completely? I want to get it out my head completely.

What you both are experiencing is real. We, and people like us, (and please believe, there are a lot!) are somehow able to pick up thoughts from people around us. We are not schizoid, other than being able to hear voices in our mind that do not originate from our minds. What we are doing is receiving the energy that whoever we are hearing is putting out. Thoughts are energy, like everything else, so those who are sensitive to energy should be able to pick it up, and if you subscribe to the one mind, one collective consciousness theory, well… Read more »

I entirely belive you, i myself know a person like you. I am from Romania and I want cu collect more stories like yours. Forgive me for my english. Please contact me at [email protected].

You have to find the people who want to believe you and have a brain, not waste your time angered at what idiots doubt without knowledge. Do you beat a puppy for messing on the floor, dose it anger you so? No because it knows no better. You say your powers are fading, are you in ill health or are you unfit? If you don’t mind me asking.

You can be rest assured that just because we can hear what you think of us, it doesn’t mean we can read your mind. We aren’t like Xavier, we cannot control. Humans have free will, and all we really can do is talk to you without words. So the guys that are in mental hospitals and shit? I think they are being bullied, tortured by people who know what they are. Lowest form of torture, by the way, trapping someone in their own mind. If you are talking to us or about us in your mind, we will hear it.… Read more »
My mother just kept me in a psych hospital for three weeks and I felt tortured. I also know what the insanity feeling is when you hear everything people think. I want to know how to turn it off??? They have me on all these psych drugs but nothing is different. My psychiatrist wrote in my session notes that other than thinking I can hear what people think and don’t believe it is “auditory hallucinations” that I am having no other symptoms… yes insane is how it feels. I do feel relieved from finding this blog though. Up til now,… Read more »

A curse mainly,but maybe you will find peace by doing good work of any kind that pleases you,and by being as active in nature as possible,then sometimes a gift will come your way.

It seems that adults don’t want to get involved with proving telepathy as they are of the mind to basically abuse it. They would rather use it for gossip purposes. It’s too bad they feel this way as science could progress to a higher level with this knowledge.


[…] tip to Greg Newkirk at Who Forted? for this stride along the path of the paranormal paradigm shift.  An Indian website, The Khaleej […]

I was never a believer, but I wasn’t foolish enough to think I knew anything about which I knew very little. That said …… It was two weeks before Christmas 2013 and I met a woman who could read my mind, it was incredible, I swear to you, it sent cold shivers down my neck. She said something and I thought! In my mind ‘she might not be telling the truth’ – those exact words ran through my mind…. And she looked at me and said ” I wouldn’ t say it love ” … I was speachless …. I… Read more »

Folks, just because you “think it” doesn’t make it so.

so where is she now – did the government capture her or something?

All they have to do is put a mind reading computer software implant( Probably really OMG!…Big Time illegally!) with (Tiny Nano two way cell phone or wire listening SPY radio implant and some mind control stuff also! Some trained spy Cats had them during the war to hear the enemy and send the information back to head quarters!) internally (Done by a orthopedic doctor or a dentist)in the facial area or wire in the ear near the eardrum so sound bounces inwards rather then outside and then you have telepathic ability, But the other person has to have the same… Read more »
Our military should think 1000000.00 times over about using this stuff, because what if it gets into the (The new miniature stealth something or the other!)….. that is frightening to heck….I will tell you I will never order anything form anyone using a drone! Just think of the stuff that can happen! And UFOs Drone are now the new UFOS and satellites and who knows what they can do? Transmit what we are seeing, hearing and doing? It would be crazy to stop looking up to see if we are being spied on or maybe the next target for what… Read more »

Again,spot on;imagine thought broadcasting as well,ghastly,believe you me,a person never gets used to it and its an embarrassement as well.

They all ready are if you read about it in our UFO report web sites( Flying near or under jets or near tree tops or volcanoes and near tall buildings and air ports!) This is why the Military needs to let the UFO people do what they do…. because we are an extra hand in the security of our U.S.A. OUR COUNTRY and I think of this as a very effective way to watch our skies and be a reporter for the military and our PRESIDENT ( with deep respect!) while letting them check and investigate what we are seeing!… Read more »
She probably has a Nano Implant that can read your min! There is tattoos that can do this also! They use them just like phones,2-way talk (MIND Reading of BOTH PERSONS with no mouth movement at all period!!) C.B. radios, Listening NANO spy implants in any person or animal and can be used for revenge forced suicide, torture with electric shock and high pitch sound to make you death for revenge and unexplained murders( Read forced suicide)All made around the world! Just list it all these can do!…Brian and anything Hacking everything, stealing, stalking, harassment, murder, suicide, car accidents(It is… Read more »

Preposterous!! man wants to be in with the devil now? thought broadcasting is real though,i have no idea what you are saying,i havent seen that one in action,would scare the pants of most people,though.

Don’t forget forced slavery of what-ever! No one will ever know because no one listens, they think your crazy!…………… Wrong!!

Just telling the facts Mam or Sir!

But this will never ever tell the past and the real paranormal will never leave us, this just makes it even more interesting and the paranormal rules!!

The ability is her mother’s, not the daughter’s which is why it only happens with her. Since the daughter is nonverbal she has learned to be more attuned to her mother’s unspoken messages. Many mothers have the ability to communicate with their children without speaking 😉

I grew up with voices in my head. One girl in my life actually proved to me she can see what im imagining. She got fed up and hert herself trying to brake my nose. That proved to me there were people with telepathic powers of some sort. When i went to get a psych evaluation they diagnosed me with schizo paranoia for idmiting to hearing voices in my head that felt like telepathic threats from people around i am american latino i wont to be a gun owner of eny kind meaning work related or/and not and i… Read more »

This does seem in line with the experiences of real people. I know that this subject can bring on the hearty does of scoffing. Perhaps it is a natural capacity that we all have…and like many abilities, it needs the proper enlivening…like learning how to play music…or to speak a language…IF it isn’t developed by a certain age, perhaps this ability lies dormant in most people. Just a thought. (Ha ha ha.)
All the Best!
Robert Farmilo

Ability to read thoughts and communication through brain is gifted ,but if is not controlled buy your will it will be disastrous for you.This idea may be stupid but its true. so if there is a way to control it ,then it will be near God’s powers.

She is able to connect and communicate only with her mother but not other people..
At the same time She is able to read her mom’s thought only. Her mom can’t read Nandana’s thought.

I met also a telepath around year 2000! I am happy to see that my family is not crazy when we think that man read our minds. It happened to all of us with him. When some of us was thinking about some problem – he responded to our thoughts and when we were thinking about some questions he answered them!
I just remembered this guy so I started to google about people with telepathic ability. I am happy that I am not mad. 😀