Mylar Memories: Weird Science 17's Plucked!

Mylar Memories: Weird Science 17’s Plucked!

May whatever powers that be grant gentle repose upon Bill Gaines, and his bullpen of writers and artists who graced this rock with EC Comics. At issue is Weird Science #17 featuring an interesting fortean polemic resonating with the UFO culture of yesteryear, and today. Written by Ray Bradbury, and, more importantly, illustrated by Wally Wood, Plucked! presents a provocative notion.

We join Dr. Sidney Hunton at Thanksgiving dinner, regaling his friends with a curiosity uncovered by his research.

theoryAt a loss for a reasonable explanation, his science fiction editor friend James Farnsworth chimes in with a theory made up from whole cloth.

ahaaha1This is what forteans do, postulate about every possibility while travelling down corridors mainstream academics would fear to tread. Taking long ignored data and giving it the scrutiny it deserves, regardless of the potentially troublesome questions. Even better, anomalists take inspiration from anywhere.

Good lord! *choke*

Good lord! *choke*

I’m pleased with the tale since it lacks the hallmark¬†saccharine nostalgia of Bradbury’s other works, while delivering a corker of a twist. Nor should we forget Wood’s sheer, unparalleled genius in depicting space aliens.

If you can, get your grubby little mitts on this issue. Some of the stories are corny, but Plucked! is a real gem focusing on UFOlogical tropes like alien abduction, amnesia, and invasion.

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