Fort Report: Alien Abduction, Pets on Steroids, and a Haunted House Boom

Fort Report: Alien Abduction, Pets on Steroids, and a Haunted House Boom


Hello, Forteans!

Welcome back to another edition of the Fort Report, chock full of yesterday’s strangest fringe news stories. Today we’ve got tales of alien abduction, giant ferrets on steroids, ritual sacrifice, the Loch Ness Monster, and loads of people trying to sell their haunted homes.

Read on, oddnauts, and remember: never pay extra for a haunted house.


Kelowna mother breaks silence surrounding repeated abductions

In an exclusive interview published April 3, 2013, Canadian UFO abductee Corina Saebels explained how living with abusive abductions by dimension-shifting ETs was comparable to surviving a lifetime of serial rapes.

Man opens UFO Welcome Center

A new exhibit showcasing spacecrafts and aliens is opening in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Is this house a scary good deal?

The sales listing for a Wilkes-Barre property touts it as an “authentic haunted house.” A prior owner says place was area’s “own version of the ‘Amityville Horror.’ ”

Man buys two poodles, finds out they’re actually giant ferrets

Gullible bargain hunters at Argentina’s largest bazaar are forking out hundreds of dollars for what they think are gorgeous toy poodles, only to discover that their cute pooch is in fact a ferret pumped up on steroids.

Paranormal investigators from Pembrokeshire on the look out

Since forming Pembrokeshire Beyond in 2009 Andrew and his growing team have explored all manner of ghoulish and, peculiar, weird and wonderful goings on in west Wales. Honestly though, the weirdest mystery is how in the world the man in that picture is only 28.

Are ghosts real?

There are many stories about ghosts. But no one has proven positively that they exist. Yet many people believe such spooky beings do lurk in our world. Are they out there? Maybe.

Peter Byrne’s Search Goes On: Acclaimed Bigfoot Hunter Continues Quest

Peter Byrne has been engaged in what he describes as the “Big Searches” for almost his entire life; his Bigfoot search alone has spanned 50 years.

Father ‘who tried to sacrifice son’ pleads guilty to attempted murder

A father accused of attempting to sacrifice his 8-year-old son in a California cemetery pleaded guilty to attempted murder on Friday.

Loch Ness monster believers and sceptics mark anniversary

Of 80 participants in a weekend symposium at the Edinburgh science festival, 20 signalled their belief in the existence of the Loch Ness monster and 15 declared their disbelief. The rest sat on their hands.

Family’s plea to be re-housed after claiming their home is haunted

A spooked mum is calling on a Midland housing association to re-home her and her family – because she claims their terraced house is haunted.

How to tell a legitimate paranormal seller

Ever felt like buying yourself a magick talisman, potion, or spell on the popular auction site eBay? Well, there apparently exists a guide on how to make sure you only get the best for your money.

Deliverance from Evil Spirit that Gave Fibroids

Finally, here’s a video of a woman getting an exorcism. It’s all the usual fare, but wait until you get to the point where the dazed woman is told to give her testimony and microphone is shoved into her face from stage left. Hilarious.

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