Lightning Fast UFO Nearly Collides with the Eiffel Tower [Video]

Lightning Fast UFO Nearly Collides with the Eiffel Tower [Video]


Did a UFO nearly crash into the Eiffel Tower this past week? UFO enthusiasts think so. Strangely enough, the close encounter happened just days before an evacuation of the landmark due to a terrorist threat.

A video emerged this past week on the Youtube channel UFODisclosureIreland showing a strange glowing ball of light traveling at breakneck speeds near the Paris monument. The object’s shape and lights are visible during the day, as they swerve close to the tower and change direction effortlessly.

Some believers have been quick to dismiss the possibly of the object having been an aircraft or a weather balloon, saying, that the object was traveling far too quickly, changing directions “on a dime”.


Well, if it is life from another planet, at least they’re giving tourists more than just landmarks to take photos of.

Was it a UFO, weather balloon, or a super-powered seagull? Watch the video and let us know what you think! Tweet us @WhoForted, drop us a line on Facebook, or leave a message in the comments below.


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