Where's the Beef? Thoughts on the Lack of Paranormal Evidence

Where’s the Beef? Thoughts on the Lack of Paranormal Evidence


When skeptics and believers alike look for evidence in the paranormal fields of inquiry the overwhelming question regards evidence. Where is it? What is it? What should be counted as evidence?

We have video, picture, and eyewitness testimonials, and even physical evidence in some cases, but it never seems to hold up. Why is that? It’s possible that the reason we don’t have evidence that even believers can stand behind a hundred percent is tri-fold. I’m going to break down several topics of interest, and give my thoughts on why we might not have any usable evidence. Well, public evidence at least.

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and Other Hairy Dudes

a-bigfootWhen Sasquatch researchers go searching for clues or evidence, one of the biggest finds happens to be the reason for the creature’s nickname: footprints in soft dirt, sand along creek or riverbeds, and other soft marshlands. We seem to have many footprints, but not any real fur, bone, scat, or even a body. When it comes to Sasquatch sighting and there is visual evidence of video or pictures, it seems to be very blurry or out of focus.  When we do have fur or hair to be analyzed it comes back inconclusive at best, American Black Bear at worst.


So, what gives? Why is solid evidence of Bigfoot so hard to find? Here’s a few thoughts:

Sasquatch is metaphysical in nature

Perhaps Sasquatch is a physical creature only part of the time, almost as if he is half here, and half in another dimension. There are strange stories of Sasquatches and other creatures being picked up or dropped off in UFOs, arriving or leaving in green mists, and other just plain bizarre acts of arrival or disappearance. This is a strange enough idea, but if Sasquatch were metaphysical they could only leave partial evidence behind, like, say.. footprints.

Sasquatch is entirely supernatural, a woodland spirit

When one is sighted by human eyes, they’re as real as anything else, just ask a witness. But once photographed or recorded on video, the recordings lose definition or clarity, particularly while the subject is on camera. Of course, there are hoaxes out there, and we can and do get duped every now and then by those that are particularly well-done, but what of the unsolved evidence that really stands out?

The Sasquatch or Yeti tend to be the focal point of the shot,  they’re blurry yet usually identifiable, though other pictures taken with the camera or even in the same shot, things are in focus and clear. If these creatures are either metaphysical or entirely supernatural, I would hazard a guess that they might have the ability to, well.. “blur” reality. Or perhaps have the ability to “jam” electronics if they want to be photographed. Hell, maybe it’s a passive thing.

If we can believe that something is a form of supernatural or metaphysical creature or entity, we can also believe they will be able to warp or effect reality if strong enough. If Sasquatch is a personification of the earth or woodlands, technology isn’t exactly its best friend…

Unidentified Flying Objects

PurportedUFO2The field of ufology makes me the most curious as to the things that are really going on, specifically why we don’t have particularly good evidence. This is especially perplexing considering the high speed cameras and advanced technology widely available to observe and record strange things everywhere.

One reason for lack of concrete evidence is actually quite simple:  they don’t land on the ground and are just really good at avoiding being shot down or captured.

Aside from the theory of being fantastic escape artists,  there could be several other reasons why we lack good evidence of extraterrestrial craft.

It’s an entirely natural phenomena on Earth

It’s possible that the UFOs we see in photographs and video clips are just a natural occurrence that we don’t quite understand. The spheres, lights, and even tube-like objects reported could be a form of plasma, a biological response to certain geological conditions, or even simply a kind of weather related phenomena.

The uniform shape, colors and speeds of similarly shaped objects can’t be denied, though. When someone actually manages to snap a photo, or are lucky enough to capture a video, they seem to blend into the skies they occupy, and video footage is usually too shaky to examine properly. Those particular objects might lend themselves to military craft. Good luck getting information about that.

They are multi-dimensional, or have a “bubble” around them.

We’ve seen UFOs capable of some astounding feats, many of which are completely un-repeatable by modern technology if piloted. The 90 degree turns and sudden bursts of speed exhibited by these objects tend to make me think that they are either not fully here, or have shields of some sort. The occupants of most space vehicles will tell speak of the toll it takes upon the body for exiting and re-entering our atmosphere. It’s certainly not the thickest around, but the g-force exerted during some of these maneuvers would crush a man. So, to have a machine perform these maneuvers with occupants is unheard of unless they have anti gravity tech that compensates.

Extraterrestrials, Ghosts, and Other Creatures

This is a catch all for the entities that are extremely random or unclassifiable that happen to turn up in blurry photos from time to time. We have the extraterrestrial peeping toms, the cave goblins, the duende, or the ghost haunting an old prison. Again, with these creatures, no real evidence seems to exist.

The entities and cryptids of visiting us (and they are) could possibly use a combination of techniques to “hide”. Sometimes they manage to leave questionable evidence, and indeed, there is the occasional footprints, hair sample, or fluids left behind. But there is one reason why I believe we don’t have good evidence, and it’s a big one.

Humans in times of high strangeness don’t react properly

Dude RunBottom line, I think that we are to blame for not having good evidence.

I’m not saying that your crappy phone or your 1.1 megapixel CVS brand digital camera is useless (but let’s be honest here..), and I’m not saying that your 35 plaster footprint castings are bunk. What I am saying is that humans, when confronted with high strangeness or extreme stress, tend to, well.. freak out, unless they’ve been trained to do otherwise. It’s just in our nature to do so. We tend to miss important facts, forget to turn the camera on, and sometimes.. we just run for our lives, abandoning any chance of evidence collection.

This kind of reaction isn’t horrible (it’s in there for a reason), and it doesn’t make us stupid (some would say running from a monster makes you quite the opposite), it just means that most of us would choose the option of living another day over narrowly escaping a Chupacabra for the sake of a crisp photo and bragging rights.

But for the rest of you, if you do happen to come across a strange event or entity, steady that camera and for the love of god, chase it. Run that bastard down and tackle it. What’s the worst that could happen, aside from another mystery?

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Can you think of another reason that we lack solid evidence of the paranormal? Agree, disagree, or have something to add to a point? We want your thoughts! Tweet us @WhoForted or leave a message in the comments section below. To stay up to date with the latest weird news, like us on Facebook!


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I am a pagan who is interested in the Fortean studies trying to make my way through a world of science and magick that I love equally. Without science there can be no magick. Interests: Out of place artifacts, UFO/ETH, Transhumanism, cryptozoology, magick, and anything that catches my fancy.

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Couple of things to consider. Yes, there are millions more cameras running around loose out there (Google “drunk college students” sometime), but most of them use the same, cheap, and shitty lenses we had on the cheap cameras we used prior to 1999. So while they are great at photographing your vomiting friend, they are worthless in the dark, low light, and great distances. A good friend is a professional wildlife photographer with an expensive camera and set of monster lenses. He specializes in birds, and he loves shooting Humming Birds. He shoots rapid fire once he finds a subject,… Read more »

Right on.

Wow. Marc, your comment is the most sensible piece of writing I have ever seen on any paranormal site in 17+ years of surfing. A huge number of good points all well made. I appreciate “most people never look up”, they really don’t.
The article is good too.

Every time I’ve gone out on some paranormal jaunt with friends, if something weird happens, I start going towards it, saying something like “Hey, what is tha–” and then one or several of my friends grabs me and starts running. My choices at that point are run, or be dragged.
It’s hard to be angry at friends who are trying to save your life (in their minds that is what is happening, and I can’t really say they are wrong).

I’ve been saying for some time that paranormal, Sasquatch and UFO investigators need to be taking a closer look at the plethora of information now available on the magical traditions. Anyone with a halfway open mind who begins researching this angle will quickly realize that most, if not all, of the high strangeness out there is known to these traditions and that they have working models for explaining and dealing with such things. Take a look at John Michael Greer’s book: “Monsters – An Investigators Guide to Magical Beings”.

I think a big part of the issue is tv making all these things so popular recently. So people go out and try to imitate tv only with much worse results. Nobody takes the time to research what equipment might work for them. They just grab whatever cheap thing they have laying around and expect results. I spent over a month researching before putting together all the parts for my portable cctv infrared video rig. The results speak for them self, I can record in pure darkness outside at over 200 yards. However not everyone can afford 700 bucks to… Read more »

Try taking a picture of a shooting “star” as it happens. Not of the full sky before it happens, but snap a photo as it happens. Good luck. That’s the same with UFOs. Even if you carried a camera around 24/7, you still couldn’t do it.
Here is some evidence of the paranormal by Dean Radin and others that can and should be classed as scientific proof.

Perhaps there simply can be no evidence of that which does not exist? That being said the nature of some experiences are such that they don’t lend themselves to objective quantification, such as an encounter with something spiritual. Bigfoot on the other hand probably is just folklore given the dearth of evidence of something that should leave tangible traces of its existence.
Some people want to believe in things so badly they don’t depend on evidence to support those beliefs.

Cody Meyocks

That’s an understandable perspective, and I’ll be the first to say it’s the boon of believers in the paranormal. But a lack of evidence is not evidence against, and the phrase, “Some people want to believe in things so badly they don’t depend on evidence to support those beliefs,” could be leveled against non-believers just as easily.

I agree, there can be no evidence of that which does not exist–so why do these sightings persist, even in die hard skeptics? If it wasn’t a mystery, well, it wouldn’t be a mystery!

Sorry, but Jim’s got a point! Leaving aside flying saucers, which might fairly plausibly have amazing alien technology that can do all sorts of things, why isn’t there any good evidence for Bigfoot? Saying that it’s real enough to leave footprints and other physical traces of an inconclusive nature, and even be photographed, but has the amazing supernatural power to vanish whenever it might be shot, captured, or otherwise proven to exist, plus the less amazing but ludicrously specific power of making all photos of it turn out rather badly, is special pleading taken to truly insane levels! Think about… Read more »
Greg Newkirk

Bigfoot died for our sins. Amen.

Since my early teens, I’ve had a series of unusual experiences that range from ‘haunting’ type strangeness to a couple of UFO sightings. Some happened in company and others occurred all alone. The UFO sightings (in company) weren’t recordable due to either speed in one case and magnitude (brightness) in the other. I don’t mention them to bang my own drum, rather than to make the point that, despite personal experience, they aren’t evidence even for me. They’re subjective reference points that tell me something’s amiss in the way we judge what’s real and what might be. They’re no use… Read more »

You asked for other reasons:
UFOs are interdimensional and/or cloaked but not perfectly.
The have some quantum aspect
We are in manipulated holigram (I just hate that one, but bright minds say its possible -still I think its more than a big streatch)
They are related to Dark Matter or Dark Energy
Mythical Sasquatch,Ghosts, Goblins and Fairies and the UFO questions are just not in the same conversation.
My skeptical side also screams “Where’s the beef” except that I saw a dayligt UFO that just left me just stunned some 30 years ago. So I keep looking for the beef, disclosure, or nonbiblical revelation.

Kwin The Eskimo
Sorry, but whenever someone takes the Sasquatch phenomena from the biological realm into the supernatural realm I shut them off and disregard their position. You cannot prove something by using something else you cannot prove as your solution. It makes one sound like a raving idiot. See, you cannot photograph the giant purple flying donkey of Madris LaPorta because it is not from this dimension. When it appears in our reality it warps space around itself and its hide reflects certain light waves at different intervals. But, oh yeah, they’re real. I’ve even found their footprints. (This comment is not… Read more »

[…] By Todd Misura via Who Forted? Magazine […]

the theories on big foot reminds me of a show i watched talking about marine biology, this is the example given by the show ,which i think is a brilliant way to shit on the nay-sayers!”i live in kentucky and hear about these things called lobsters and how delicioous they are.well i decide that i will have lobster 4 dinner so every nite at the same time i open my door and wait outside with a net to catch a lobster 2 eat. a whole year goes by and i never even see a lobster, let alone catch 1 or… Read more »