Unidentified Flying Object Photographed Streaking Past Power Plant

Unidentified Flying Object Photographed Streaking Past Power Plant


A photograph taken by a man in Marsaxlokk, Malta has been making the rounds on the internet and raising eyebrows as it goes. The image, which was supposedly taken by an anonymous police officer, shows an odd grey streak stretching across the sky, as if it were an object photographed in motion.

The photo was taken on March 19th around 6pm and has opened the door for some interesting debate. Not much more is known about the photo or the officer who supposedly snapped the image.

UFOs certainly have a habit of appearing near important structures, and the location of the sighting is no different: the Delimara power station, the largest standing structure in Malta.


What do you think of the image? Did extraterrestrials pop in to check on Malta’s power plant or was it something else? Tweet us @WhoForted, swing by the Facebook page, or leave a message in the comments below.


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Dana Matthews

Dana Matthews

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Dana Matthews

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Okay, now this? This is creepy.

Greg Newkirk

Every time a UFO shows up around something “important”, it always creeps me out a little, regardless of how real or fake the craft might look. Extraterrestrial or not, it’s just asking for trouble.

Do you think that UFO sightings during important events or structures lends any creedence to them being travelers from the future “studying history”?

Greg Newkirk

Oh man, that’s even cooler to me than a craft from outer space. The only question I have then is what does that mean when they crash? Do we have weird time travel rules to contend with then?

When they crash, I’m sure the reports of a crash still exist in their time and they can plan some sort of damage control. Then again, reports never identify “who” or “why”, so they won’t be able to prevent it. I think the other day you posted an article about UFO sightings having spiked last year some time around the height of campaign season. Perhaps this last campaign meant something drastic in the future. Then there’s the theory of all our advances in technology coming from reverse engineered alien tech. For us to successfully reverse engineer things, wouldn’t they have… Read more »
Greg Newkirk

So somewhere deep in Area 51, we’re might actually be working on time travel while everyone is concerned about extraterrestrial craft. Makes you wonder about the weird paradox of inventing time travel so we can use it in the future to spy on ourselves and eventually cause them to start working on time travel. Mt brain is unraveling.

Exactly. Look up in the sky while everything is going on here on the ground. It’s a simple magician’s trick, but it works. Why hasn’t NASA caught incoming on their various telescopes? Because they’re already here (and if you take string theory into consideration) operating on a different frequency. Who knows what we do to the environment today that changes humanity in the future? Livestock mutilations could be them trying to save endangered species in their time by collecting DNA samples. Their physical appearances may just be something we’ve adapted to live in our future environment. They don’t need hair… Read more »