Red Bowl-Like UFO Hovering Over World's Largest Oil Refinery Sparks Investigation

Red Bowl-Like UFO Hovering Over World’s Largest Oil Refinery Sparks Investigation

487648_10151482569185730_1790438710_nA strange red bowl shaped object was spotted over the world’s largest oil refinery at Jamnagar in Gujarat.

In a report filed by local police, a craft described as a UFO was spotted around 8pm on January 24th. The object was described as circling around the Reliance Industries Ltd building before disappearing. The bowl shaped object then appeared again three days later during the day.

Local authorities and investigators were contacted as the sighting comes on the heels of a terrorist threat directed at the refinery from Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba.

“Immediately after a complaint was lodged by the refinery at Meghpar police station, army and air force officials visited the spot along with us. There are various theories going the rounds, but we are on high alert. There were even reports of finding some unidentified particles and batteries near a cement factory, 150-km away from here,” local police reported.


The footage has been sent to laboratories warranting further investigation. In the meantime RIL has not wasted any time adding a 250-man security force to keep eyes on the building, which is situated near the Pakistani boarder.

There have been many theories as to what the strange orbs might be, ranging anywhere from Chinese hot air balloons to or experimental meteorological weather devices.

RIL has kept tight-lipped about the incident, though officials have been reported to have commented that more will be known once the images and videos have been identified by a local forensic center.

It is not known whether the red bowl shaped objects have returned to the skies since the initial incident .

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