Bigfoot Handprint, Trail of Footprints, "Language" Captured on Film in Ontario

Bigfoot Handprint, Trail of Footprints, “Language” Captured on Film in Ontario

A human handprint compared to the supposed Bigfoot handprint

Human print compared to the supposed Bigfoot handprint

A man in Ontario believes he has captured the not only the usual footprints of Bigfoot, but handprints as well. As if that isn’t enough, he’s posted videos of the find that include a bonus: a Sasquatch speaking it’s own language.

YouTube user “Sasquatch Ontario” made the find on February 2nd. The evidence consists of a string of footprints through the snow, the size and shape of which seem fit the standard for most Bigfoot sightings. More interesting though, is the discovery of what look to be Bigfoot handprints, something we don’t see too much of. The handprints measure almost 7 inches in length, with an incredibly ape-like “thumb” that sits a good deal lower than a humans.

The video containing the tracks was uploaded to YouTube just yesterday, and includes audio of what the user believes to be actual Sasquatch language captured in the Ontario, Canada forest. The enhanced audio features a grumbling and howling reminiscent of the infamous “Sierra Samurai” recordings captured in California in the 70s.

You can view the video below and see the prints for yourself, but make sure you stick around for the eerie vocalizations at the end.


Have Sasquatch Ontario captured the rare Bigfoot handprint? Or is there a very cold gorilla roaming the Canadian countryside? Have you captured any strange footprints in your area? We want to know! Tweet us @WhoForted, share with us on our official Facebook page, of leave us a message in the comments!


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