Mystery Booms Rattle Michigan, Strange Noises Remain Unsolved

Mystery Booms Rattle Michigan, Strange Noises Remain Unsolved

mysteryboomWe’re three months into 2013, and the appearance of the mysterious booms cropping up around the world shows no signs of slowing down. This time, they’re shaking up, both emotionally and physically, residents of Flint, Michigan.

According to the locals, the noises have been happening off again and on again for over a year now, but as the new year pushes on, the noises have gotten louder and almost more aggressive. They frighten pets, rattle the windows, and upset the children.

“It shakes you, you feel it,” Flint resident Sheila Kopek told MLive. “It’s loud enough that it will make you jump. It’s weird.”

As you can imagine, after a year, the noises have not gone without investigation, but neither the local power company or fire department have any clue what could be causing the rumbles, and none of them have responded to anything that could remotely be related to the booms.


Juan Lara, a 67 year old local, says that they sound like “explosions” and occur in the afternoon every few weeks.

“For a minute there, I thought we were being attacked,” he said.

If you’ve been paying attention to our previous coverage of Mystery Booms, you’d see that so far this year, they’ve occurred in OklahomaMassachusetts, Utah (solved), and California to name a few. What’s causing them? Are they even related to one another? No one seems to know, but the theories aren’t in short supply.

One thought behind the Flint booms is a slow methane buildup in the sewer systems. Enough of the gas collected over the course of a few weeks would certainly set off quite an explosion if sparked, but the lack of any damage reported by the city snuffs that theory. Another idea is that the noises are coming from gas tanks exploding in cars crushed at the local scrapyard. While this one would seem plausible at first glance, any junk yard veteran will tell you that gas tanks are always removed before crushing vehicles.

As usual, there’s also theories ranging from HAARP, government weapons testing, and the gradual awakening of the Old Ones. We’re just going to go ahead and stick with our original theory: the canon man.

Have you heard the Mystery Booms? Do you have a theory on what they are and where they’re coming from? We want to know! Share with us on our facebook page, tweet us @WhoForted, or engage us in the comments section below.


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Greg Newkirk

Greg Newkirk

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Greg Newkirk
Greg Newkirk

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it may have been a couple of years ago but I think I saw that Wisconsin was having the same problem. When it was there I thought maybe it was Yellowstone related for some reason. something about the shifting of the different hotspots over time.

Michigan. This just may be related to the Corn Demon and the “Old Ones.”

I have been wanting to do a search of Michigan with other people looking for answers for the unexplained and post them on YouTube. I have read a lot of articles and read a lot of books about these anomolys that have been going on. I want to give the truth and show that the animals we all know aren’t the only creatures out there. I just haven’t found anyone who would be willing to do these sorts of things with them

Hearing them DAILY in St Clair County Michigan the past 2 weeks! No answers

I need some help I have been scratched while my back was to wall 3 deep burning scratches felt like some was putting cigarette out on back only on all 3 scratches wife took picture since then scratched on neck 5 months later in between many strange things movements things moving dogs going crazy in rooms nothing in I and dogs wake up to noises at 3 am clock I have has not chimed in 2 years chimed was not wound and don’t work the chimes anyway day chimed clock stopped at 3 am was stopped next morn after the… Read more »