Mystery Booms Show Up in Salem Community, Captured on Video

Mystery Booms Show Up in Salem Community, Captured on Video

A few days back we reported that an Oklahoma town was being rattled by a series of  “mystery booms”. Well, at least they’re not alone. It seems that Salem, Massachusetts has been dealing with some unexplained explosions of their own.

According to the police blotter, the Salem booms were first heard back on the 18th of November. They dispatched officers to the vicinity they were reported, but came up empty handed. One witness, Jared Robinson, proved he was from Massachusetts by describing the 4 to 5 explosions as “wicked loud”.  Another witness posted this report on the Salem Patch website:

At 12.15 am I heard exactly 5 explosions, all the way from up Tremont st . My son ran down stairs asking if I know what it was ??? last week the same kind of explosions 3 to be exact on the weekend, were hear from Tremont in Salem to Aborn st in Peabody and had Peabody police and Salem looking for the source. These explosions were one week apart, they were as loud as a transformer blowing out but to have 3 blow in one night, then 5 blow out “one right after the other” on Sunday night Nov. 18th, yet there were not reports in either case of power outages?? It just don’t make any sense at all and really needs some kind of investigating.

Police and local news speculated the booms might be related to fireworks, but those who had heard the mysterious noises for themselves balked at the idea. “Really loud. Not fireworks at all,” Johnson commented. Others linked the booms to UFO sightings (of course), witchcraft (this is Salem, after all), and even men with canons (the elusive “canon man” is becoming a trend of it’s own).


The unexplained booms were again reported to 911 just last week, with one caller mentioning that the dispatcher didn’t even believe her story until other calls began pouring in.

With the loud explosion like sound with a quick flash behind it, it sounded like and looked similar to a Flash Bang Granade. A friend of mine in Marblehead said he heard and felt something around that time. Whatever it was it seemed to have waken alot of residence (sic)! Talking to the Salem Police Dispatcher on the phone she didnt seem to of believed (sic) me until more people started to call in.

This time though, one thoughtful member of the community did everyone a favor: he checked his security system and posted the following video (Chrome users may have trouble viewing):

As you can see, the “mystery boom” is very bright, very loud, and very real.

In the case of the Oklahoma booms, our favorite skeptic Sharon Hill posited over at Doubtful News that the noise might have something to do a local earthquake, shattering my theory of “the canon man”. So naturally, I decided to peek into the latest reported earthquakes in the area. The only thing I could come up with was a quake in Maine back in October. It was felt in Massachusetts  and might account for the first set of booms in November, but I’m coming up empty handed for anything more recent. Not to mention that we have to account for the flashes of light captures as well. Might be a job for those with a bit more time for internet digging than myself. Anyone up to the challenge?

Until then, I’m still saying it’s the canon man.

UPDATE (1/9/12): More Mystery Booms reported last night in Utah and California. 


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