"Genuine" Bigfoot Hair Sample From Oregon Hits the eBay Auction House

“Genuine” Bigfoot Hair Sample From Oregon Hits the eBay Auction House

hairbagLooking to own a piece of the Bigfoot legend but don’t want to settle on something as mundane as a regular old plaster cast? Does the thought of getting your hands on an actual Sasquatch hair sample sound better? Well then, our friends at Bigfoot Evidence might have found just the eBay auction for you.

eBay user “bigfootseeker” has just placed an auction for what they say is a “genuine Bigfoot / Sasquatch hair sample” from Mt/ Hood, Oregon.

How does one come across such a sample from the big hairy guy? By having your mother-in-law yell at him, apparently.

From the listing:


In August of 2012, my mother-in-law told me that she had seen a ‘bigfoot creature’ on her property and she needed help getting it to leave. I thought for sure she had been mistaken, so I went there to check out the situation. She said that she heard screams coming from the woods after dark, and that some of the rabbits she kept in pens had gone missing. I told her that I would stay and keep watch for her, but iIreally didn’t expect anything. I would go there around sunset & stay until between 11pm and 12am. I saw and heard nothing. This went on for a few nights until I told her thatIi thought she had nothing to worry about. The morning after the first night that I didn’t stay, I got a call at work. My mother-in-law frantically told me that she had gone out to the rabbit pen around dawn and spotted ‘one of those bigfoots’ taking her last two rabbits. When she angrily yelled at it, she said it looked shocked to see her & in two steps was out of the yard, clearing an old barbed wire fence ‘as if it wasn’t there’. I went out to her property that afternoon and looked around. There were no clear footprints, but you could see where something heavy had trampled the grass through part of her yard, over the fence & to the tree line. I found a tuft of jet black hair stuck to the fence and took it. I was not really interested in bigfoot up to that point, but seeing the evidence & hearing the story first hand made me a believer. I now spend as much time as I can searching the woods around her property. I have heard the screams and wood knockings, but I have yet to see one. My mother-in-law describes the one she saw as ‘more than seven feet tall’ and looked like ‘a really ugly person, kind of like a caveman covered in black fur’. Since I can only go by her story, I can only offer this hair as coming from a Bigfoot b/c she told me that’s what is. I hope you enjoy your sample, she has since installed security lights. This is for #2 of 100.


The bidding started at a whopping one dollar, and with six days to go before the auction ends, it will be interesting to see what kind of attention this sample gets. Seeing as how there are still 98 samples left, I wouldn’t expect it to fetch a huge sum. Call me a sucker, but I might even bid. If you’re feeling lucky, you can find the auction HERE.

What do you think of the sample? Would you bid on it? Let us know! Tweet us @WhoForted or swing by our official Facebook page. And for the love of Squatch, if you end up winning a bidding war over this sack of fur, send us a couple hairs, will ya?


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