Elvis Impersonator Haunted by Friendly, Feely Ghost

Elvis Impersonator Haunted by Friendly, Feely Ghost

Elvis impersonator lures ghostsAs if having an Elvis impersonator for a dad wasn’t enough, a family in Citrus Heights, California might also be dealing an Elvis-loving ghost child.

A recent investigation conducted by Hauntings and Paranormal Investigations International turned up “shadow figures”, strange smells, and even physical interaction, the team concluded that the home of a California based Elvis impersonator was a positive for what they call a “Casper haunting”, the presence of a benevolent ghosts that means no harm.

Their report begins:

Activity: Occupant’s husband hears a man’s voice: “Keri, who’s this guy?” House cat cries and looks towards ceiling and is obsessed with ceiling. House built in 1972. More voices are heard throughout the house. Classification: Casper Haunting. Case Manager: Nina Lutz – SPECIAL NOTE: This is the home of an Elvis Impersonator!


In addition to photos that they believe show dark entities dangling in front of the camera lens, the 15 members of HPII present at the investigation noted “crystal clear orbs”, the recordings of disembodies voices, and were even able to provoke the friendly spirit into verifying it’s presence by having the faux Elvis croon.

In the start of the night, we are getting some crystal clear designer orbs. Johnny is an Elvis impersonator and he is provoking the entities by singing Elvis songs. We are getting a lot of high spikes on our EMF Readers and K2 readers, when this happens, we snap photos and we captured many orbs on Stacy Lindstrom. Also, during the K2 and EMF spikes we capture words on our ghost meters that coincide with the family’s history. Words that point out to their family member and the history of that family member. We captured two EVPs. One EVP is a light grumbling sound, this was captured by Faith in the garage. Many orb pictures captured, we even have an orb that is in the shape of a square. During the time that Johnny is singing an Elvis song, a man’s voice EVP sounds like he is humming with Johnny. Team Oracle feels there is a playful spirit. They also feel the energy of the young female in this home. Team Oracle says it’s a peaceful energy, nothing negative. Pipe smoke smell detected and a possible connection to this is when the family visited the Gold Hill Hotel, that also had pipe smoke smells. One psychic hears the name of John in her head and the family member to Keri was a smoker.

In case you were wondering, “Team Oracle” is comprised of psychics.

Later on in the evening, investigators reported the feeling of ghosts brushing their arms, the sounds of children “gurgling”, and a bunch of “Class 2” EVPs (whatever that means), but the climax of the evening was when Paul Dale Roberts, the “esoteric detective” for the team who prefers to be called “THE DEMON WARRIOR”, played a few Elvis tunes on YouTube and got felt up by “small hands”. Perhaps Casper is a little too friendly.

To read more about the adventures of HPII, including their hilarious nicknames (“Team Pocahontas”, “floaters”), minimum age requirement for investigators (11), and a bunch of great photos of the team, you can head over Before It’s News.


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