New York Man Snaps Photo of "Uncloaked Flying Saucers"

New York Man Snaps Photo of “Uncloaked Flying Saucers”

This photo, taken by Joe Burkhart, appears to show two "uncloaked flying saucers" hovering above Rochester, NY

Three weeks ago, a man in Rochester, New York looked up at the sky and saw something he just had to snap a picture of. The resulting image, which captures what appear to be two large flying saucers, is very curious, to say the least.

Joe Burkhart, the photographer, says that the objects were attempting to conceal themselves in the haze of the clouds when he took the photo, a shot made difficult by the bright glare of the midday sun.

“Visually conditions were brutal, where it was actually painful gazing skywards with the sun creating a blinding haze,” Joe told me yesterday. “The two objects were both, in a sense, classic as saucers go, as well maybe being part of a much larger object which was of a triangular or diamond shape..”

Joe says the images of the anomalies were taken around noon, and they disappeared shortly thereafter.


Rochester has been making a name for itself as a new UFO hotspot in recent years, racking up a number of sightings as recently as April, when an incident which involved a translucent, triangular craft frightening some folks around a bonfire was reported.

Thanks to Joe Burkhart for for allowing us to share his photo and the story behind it.

So what do you think? Did Joe snap some an image of  some flying saucers? Is it some kind of experimental aircraft? Or did the Rochester Extreme Frisbee league just start using some disks a bit bigger than regulation? Share your thoughts on the photo in the comments!

UPDATE: After checking out the comments dissecting the image as a reflection of a ceiling tile through a pane of glass, Joe passed along the following photograph and asked me to share it.


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