Exclusive Clip: Paranormal Lockdown investigates Shrewsbury Prison

Exclusive Video: Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman Investigate Shrewsbury Prison on Paranormal Lockdown


TLC’s Paranormal Lockdown started season two off with a bang, seeing paranormal investigators Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman discovering human remains in one of Indiana’s most haunted homes, but now the ghost hunting duo are keeping the chills coming with an investigation of the infamously haunted Shrewsbury Prison, and we’ve got an exclusive clip!

For over two-hundred years, the Shrewsbury Prison, sometimes referred to as “The Dana”, was home to some of the UK’s most notorious criminals, and even though it’s been abandoned for nearly half a decade, locals say that many of its prisoners never left. This Friday night, Paranormal Lockdown heads to Shropshire, England to investigate claims of ghostly activity inside the ancient walls of the prison.

Since its closure in 2013, the Shrewsbury Prison has become a hotbed of paranormal activity, with visitors experiencing everything from intelligent responses during EVP sessions, to full-formed apparitions darting through the cellblocks, to frightening physical contact with the restless spirits. Some witnesses have had their hair pulled and jackets tugged by ghostly hands, and even more startling, some have been pushed to the ground by an unseen force.


Those who’ve spend time in the massive building believe that the rampart paranormal activity has to do with the prison’s dark past, one that includes mistreatment of the inmates, mysterious suicides, and a violent form of execution that consisted of pulling hard on a victim’s feet while they hung from a rope.

In this exclusive clip of Friday’s Paranormal Lockdown episode, Katrina Weidman catches a glimpse of the prison’s elusive “Lady In Grey”, a phantom seen often in the prison’s winding corridors, which sends her and Nick Groff rushing to investigate.

Paranormal Lockdown airs Friday nights at 9/8c on TLC. For more information on where you can watch the spine-tingling Shrewsbury Prison episode, visit TLC’s official website and check your local listings. For more about the haunted Shrewsbury Prison, check out our in-depth article here.

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