Is the Media Ignoring a Stunning Set of UFO Images?

Is the Media Ignoring a Stunning Set of UFO Images?

Some intriguing images snapped by a photographer in Colorado have been causing a quite a bit of discussion online this week, but the real question is why they haven’t been causing more commotion in the media.

Professional photographer Greg Archer took a few shots of a lightning storm over Castle Rock, Colorado on the 6th of this month, but the most striking objects in the photo aren’t the streaks of lightning tearing through the sky, but rather the mysterious lights hovering uniform high above the tree line. Archer sent the shots to Intrepid Magazine, but his first stop was his local Fox News affiliate.

“The pictures were picked up by Fox News, who never ran the story,” Archer told Intrepid. “According to NORAD and the Air Force Operations Center, all flights, including military, were grounded at the time. There is no mountain there, only hills that reside much lower than the lights. The lights appeared when I wasn’t looking and slowly faded away 20 minutes later. So far a meteorologist is dumb-founded and the Air Force Can’t (won’t?) explain.”


Thus far, theories on the lights have ranged from reflections, ball lightning, aircraft, all the way to cloaked alien ship. So, what do you think the lights are? Any photography experts want to take a crack at it? Do you think the media is intentionally ignoring these images? I’m sure that we, the readers, and the folks over at Intrepid would love to hear your thoughts.

For more information the lights, check in with our pals over at The Gralien Report, who covered the topic (along with a whole bunch of new updates), on their most recent podcast.


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