Mother Rips Out Son's Eyes During Death Cult Ritual

Mother Rips Out Son’s Eyes During Death Cult Ritual

23 year old Carmen Rios Garcia tore out her child's eyes in a death cult ritual

On May 28th, 2012, twenty-three year old Carmen Rios Garcia of Netzahualcoyotl Mexico hollowed out her five year-old sons eyes with her bare hands and a spoon, claiming she needed to “cast out the demons”.

Garcia, accompanied by her sister and a group of eight, were participating in an “end of the world” ritual when Garcia’s five year old son refused to close his eyes. This prompted his mother to gouge them out in order to “clean him”.

The boy’s seventeen-year-old uncle then ran from the home to alert the police, who arrived to find Garcia holding the blood soaked body of her son.

Garcia, who was reported under the influence of drugs at the time, claimed the mutilation of her son was also to prevent an earthquake and to “save the world”.


The family belonged to a well-known cult called “Santa Muerto” or Saint’s Death. Santa Muerto recently had eight members charged with sacrificial murders of two 10 year old boys and a 55 year old woman.

Garcia’s son is in serious, but stable condition and his mother, along with 7 other family members are being held on charges of abuse.

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