Shape-Shifting Monster Terrorizes South African Town

Shape-Shifting Monster Terrorizes South African Town

According to news reports, the quiet town of Steytlerville in Karoo, South Africa, is being stalked by a monster. But not just any beast… a shape-shifter.

According to police reports, the sightings started a month before Easter, when the monster interrupted not one, but two different funerals, prompting the terrified citizens to meet with police to discuss the problem.

“The community says that the monster changes shape while you are looking at it,” Warrant Officer Zandisile Nelani said.


The monster, which is believed to be nocturnal, appeared to two men outside of a tavern late last month. One of the men described seeing a man in a black jacket acting strangely, and when approached, discovered that the man had no head. When he crept closer for a better look, the creature changed into a “very angry” dog that was “as big as a cow”.

As the two men ran for their lives, the monster reportedly turned on another group of people walking down the road, before shifting into a “big monkey” and disappearing into the forest.

One resident has reported watching the creature as it changed from a man wearing a suit into a pig, another local seeing it shift into a bat with the ability to fly.

While the citizens of Steytlerville are frightened, no one has reported any harm having come from the bizarre encounters, prompting a kind of cautious pride in their local cryptid. They’ve even given the monster a name: “Bawokozi”, meaning “brother-in-law”.

Police, having been swamped with reports of Bawokozi, finally agreed to help the townsfolk with the bizarre problem, but requested a picture of the creature. Since then, a photograph of the monster has supposedly surfaced, though we have unfortunately been able to find a copy anywhere. We’ll keep our eyes open for updates.

For more info, check out News24.


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