New Video Claims to Show Man Being Attacked by Ghostly Shadow People

New Video Claims to Show Man Being Attacked by Ghostly Shadow People

Biggest caveat surrounding this video is the “©GAMAMORI” watermark in the lower right hand corner. Also the obvious title being presented in ALL CAPS with two exclamation points.

The footage’s been around the internet and back, garnering a million hits and only now it’s gained some traction with mainstream media. If you consider the Daily Mail to be mainstream. Behold! Some guy being attacked by a shadow person!

Let’s break down the video. There’s no context, like location or who was involved, and appreciate nobody ever looks at surveillance camera footage unless the real police need it. The description at YouTube says others had similar encounters in this place without any cites. Either people are too terrified to tell their story, or it’s a fragrant untruth. This kinda crap adds noise, drowning out the signal, to anything approaching the paranormal.

More positively, kudos to the creator for getting a handle on their pirated copy of Adobe After Effects. Learning how to put a timestamp in video is hard!


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