Ghost Hunters Capture Creepy Evidence in Ohio Museum

Paranormal Investigators Capture “Impressive Evidence” of Spooks in Ohio Historical Museum


According to a group of paranormal investigators from Ohio, ghosts are haunting a local museum, and the spooky evidence left behind has been enough to convince museum employees that they aren’t alone.

On Saturday, the Wayne County Historical Museum hosted the annual Spirit Academy & Paranormal Investigation, an event during which attendees are welcomed to hone their ghost hunting skills while chasing down phantoms in the reportedly haunted location. How successful were they? If the evidence captured by Spirit Paranormal is to be believed, very.


Spirit Paranormal at work

“In addition to some terrific experiences, there are already two photos that reveal some interesting – haunting – evidence,” the museum staff wrote. “The first photo shows a person sitting in the old hearse in our carriage barn. The second photo shows what appears to be a young person at the back corner of the Wayne County School Hack.”


A glimpse at the first image shows what certainly appears to be the visage of a stern looking woman glaring at the camera from the cabin of the hearse carriage, a sight sure to give even the most seasoned ghost hunters the creeps.

Spirit Paranormal also posted a number of EVPs captured during their investigation, recordings that they claim contain the voices of the dead reacting intelligently to their questions. Investigator Tim Poyner claims that just seconds just after ghost hunters ask the spirits to straighten out a pair of divining rods, that they received a ghostly response whispering “OK”.

And if you thought those captures just weren’t creepy enough, the team would like you to take a look at the crown jewel of last year’s hunt, an even clearer image of what Tim Poyner believes is the same spirit captured in the hearse last week:


Do any of these anomalies prove the existence of life after death? Hardly, but you can’t deny that they’re intriguing. Here’s hoping next year’s outing yields an even higher quota of weird.

So, what do you think? Did the team capture evidence of the afterlife in an Ohio museum? Or is there merely an array of photographic quirks that can explain the creepy images that have freaked out the staff? Let us know what you think! Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, tweet us @WhoForted, or leave a comment below!


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