Exorcist Claims Demon Won't Stop Sending Him Angry Text Messages

Polish Exorcist Claims Demon Won’t Stop Sending Him Angry Text Messages


Exorcisms are all the rage, so it’s only natural some priests will be feeling some rage from their nemeses.

Consider the plight of Father Marian Rajchel, representing the good parishoners of Jaroslaw, Poland, who recently applied the power of Christ to compel an evil spirit out of a teenage girl.

It appears Beelzebub’s nephew is, rightfully, pissed off, and taking it out on the preacher via texts.


“Shut up, preacher. And so all do not save yourselves. Idiot. You pathetic old preacher, you are weak!”

“And so back to me, do not come out of this hell. She’s mine, has signed a pact with the devil. Anyone who will pray for her, die!”

“Tomorrow you die!”

Fr. Rajchel is taking things in stride, believing this is a case of automatic writing and the victim doesn’t know what she’s sending from her phone.

Looks like an exorcist’s work is never done. Tell us about the strange texts you’ve received from beyond the grave, or from some creep on Craigslist. Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below!


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