Tokoloshe Troubles: Report Claims Violent Goblins Launching a Massive South Africa Invasion

Tokoloshe Troubles: Report Claims Violent Goblins Launching a Massive South Africa Invasion


So, fellow Coppertops! Here’s another of the latest developments in silly superstition, media hype, and so much more.

According to three shocking (ok, not so shocking) reports emerging from Africa, goblins are poisoning a family’s food, turning an established entrepreneur penniless, and even causing nephews to burn down houses!

First, there is Mike Musiiwa, a self-proclaimed Sangoma, or faith healer, from the Chief Nyajena area in Masvingo, who faced charges for arson after he burnt down his uncle’s house, destroying a property worth $1000, taking advantage of his absence. When presented before the Mike Musiiwa, a self-proclaimed Sangoma from the Chief Nyajena area in Masvingo, he simply said:


“I just wanted to destroy his goblins, which I did.”

Then again, there is Lydia Motaung from Qalabotjiha in Villiers, Free State, SA, claiming that her sister’s death this March resulted from poisoned food from her yard, poisonded not by chemical fertilizers or harmful pest infestations, but by a mythical water sprite called the tokoloshe.

“All the food that comes into my yard is poisoned by an invisible thing. I think it’s a tokoloshe and it wants to kill my whole family.”

She is lists the symptoms they experience after having that food:

“The symptoms are always the same – dry throat, dizziness, terrible fever and severe headache.”

She goes on to say that the sprite also causes fights within her family, and is planning at ravaging their entire happy, sweet home.

Frans Ngakane from Lebanon in Mabopane near, Tshwane, says his once successful spaza business is close to shutting down due to “a very aggressive mpundulo (zombie)”. He says that this creature steals his money, makes hissing noises from his store ceiling and even rapes him!

These tortures have allegedly caused him to bear a severe decrease in his living standard, his daughter has left him, and his wife? She engages into regular fights with him.

“Once it stole R800 of the week’s taking of R2000. I was angry, thinking my children stole the money, but I discovered it wasn’t them. Sangomas [healers] told me this tokoloshe was sent to make me poor.”

Is this a case of mass hysteria, or could there be little humanoids causing all sorts of mischief and heartache to the good people of Africa? We love to hear from you, whether it’s on Facebook, at Twitter, or in the comments below!


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