When Nightmares Become Reality: A Terrifying Visit from "The Three Men"

When Nightmares Become Reality: A Terrifying Visit from “The Three Men”


Week In Weird gets lots of reader mail, and the experience in this missive stands out as you’ll discover.

Night terrors happen when someone awakens, finding themselves paralyzed in a state of heightened anxiety. They usually happen in kids, but some adults experience them too.

I recall a doozy of a nightmare I had when I was a kid. I was pretty young at the time, young enough to still slept with a night light. Time has made the details hazy, but I do remember that there were three men. Two of them were good, decent gents, but the third guy was pure evil, evil enough that I still remember him to this day. Anyway, as I said, details are hazy, but I do remember that the evil one was awful and terrible and scared me badly enough that I woke up, only to see the bad guy sitting at the foot of my bed. I. Was. Terrified! And paralyzed! I couldn’t move! I could only stare wide-eyed as he stretched out a hand for me, only to fade away before he could reach me. -SF


As Johnny Carson was fond of saying, “Wild, crazy stuff. Ya-ha!” Even though I never experienced a night terror, the prospect of awakening to a nightmare nemesis in the real world is chilling.

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