Chupacabras In Michigan: Encountering a Seven-Foot-Tall Creature With Glowing Red Eyes

Chupacabras In Michigan: Encountering a Seven-Foot-Tall Creature With Glowing Red Eyes

Shortly after the post on Centralia College’s squatching class, Week In Weird received this message from Cora.

I encountered a Chupacabra back in 2008 and it wasn’t small. It had to be over 7 feet tall and it had a long face and large red glowing eyes. The eyes were unusually large-bigger than my fist like something out of a comic book. I wasn’t on any drugs and I passed it while driving home one night.

Intrigued, I contacted her through email and she graciously provided me links to her original accounts from 2008.

corachupasketchOne early summer morning, Cora was driving down North Holly Road in Holly Michigan when she spotted a creature rummaging through someone’s trash. As she slowed down, the creature noticed her interest and made eye contact.


It stared at my vehicle with its large red eyes. I think the creature was staring at my eyes while it held onto a piece of trash for nearly 4 seconds. Then, it threw the trash it was holding straight down on the ground in front of it with both hands. It reacted as if it was upset that someone caught a glimpse of it while it was in the process of investigating the trash can. Normally, animals are supposed to knock over a trash can and scramble around to get out of the way when a car approaches them on the road. This creature acted in a controlled and quick fashion.

Her first thought was this was a chupacabras, followed by astonishment that one would be seen so far north, as these cryptids tend to be sighted in Latin America, Texas, and the deep South. She wondered if it could be a rat, a kangaroo, a rabbit, or a cat, but none fit the profile for these familiar animals. Before it jumped away into the early morning shadows, Cora committed its description to memory.

The creature had two long ears. It moved its right ear up and down so I could see the details; long like a kangaroo but rounded like a mouse. Its human like arms were bendable and closer to its body then its long, flexible, and muscular legs. The legs looked like a mix of kangaroo, human and dinosaur. The body of this creature appeared heavier on the bottom. Overall, its entire body kind of reminded me of a kangaroo body but it was completely grey in color; the skin texture looked reptilian. Some parts of its body were darker shade of grey than others; the face was light grey and flesh colored. It looked like it had a few short-hairs on its chest. It had a skinny tail that was similar in appearance to a rat’s tail but it was much longer and wider.


At first, she thought her creature was only three feet tall based on the trash cans it was raiding that morning. When she investigated the area the next day, the size of the trash cans suggested the creature was nearly twice that size. The story gets stranger, as Cora spotted a similar creature a month later on the same stretch of road.

Later in the month, the creature reappeared on the side of the road not to far from where the original sighting took place. The second sighting didn’t last as long as the first one. At night, I passed the creature while driving southbound on I-75 near the Holly Road exit. I remember seeing the creature hopping on the side of the road while I was driving home. I immediately slowed down, swerved the car onto the side of the road and backed up. The creature was gone.

Both of her accounts at NUFORC1, and UFO Digest2 are compelling. Her accounts don’t stray too far, if at all, from each other, and I can appreciate her sincerity by hoping to remain relatively anonymous. Peter Davenport gives a postscript to her submission, “We spoke with this witness, and we found her to be quite sincere in reporting the sighting. NUFORC reported this sighting to the Holly, MI, Police Department, and they seemed to us to be totally uninterested in the report.”


To her credit, Cora is a brave soul. She mentions at the end of her account that the creature seemed intelligent, and something deep inside wanted to leave the car and interact with it. We’re grateful she erred on the side of caution, but imagine the possibilities.

We always welcome reader mail, and respect people’s choice to remain anonymous. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line, even if its on Facebook, at Twitter, or in the comments below.


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