Sexy Bigfoot, Monster Vomit, Stinky UFOs, and Alien Mummies: Week in Weird #2

Sexy Bigfoot, Monster Vomit, Stinky UFOs, and Alien Mummies: Week in Weird #2

Hey, Weirdos!

Last week’s pilot episode of The Week in Weird went over astoundingly well (thank you!), so we’re back again with a fresh batch of the weirdest headlines from WF, including a story that sent me scouring the hairiest corners of the internet in search of the perfect image of a semi-nude man. Why? For the truth!

In this edition: a city plagued by smelly UFOs, monster vomit, extraterrestrial peeping toms, the truth about “alien mummies” (believe it or not), a risque new Bigfoot trail cam photo, a field report involving a hideous beast from Chicago, and our first piece of viewer (hate) mail! Oh yeah, and we fixed the audio this time.

Give the new episode of WiW a watch, share it with your friends, and let us know what you think! Is there a segment you’d like to see on an upcoming edition? A story you think we should cover? Want to send us a field report? We’re all ears!


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Show Notes:

Monster Barf: Weird, Smelly Foam Oozes Through Cracks in Chinese Streets

Steppin’ Out (of Frame): Was Bigfoot’s Leg Captured on a Trail Cam?

Believe it or Not: The Atacama ‘Alien’ is Human, and Ripley Knew it First

Very Close Encounter? Woman Snaps Creepy Photo of Lurking ‘Alien’

Unidentified Foul Objects: Mass. City Plagued by Odd Aircraft and Awful Smells

Special Thanks

Thanks to Felix Sledge AKA ‘Butthole Man’ for the ‘Portugese Tusk-less Boar’ field report.

Thanks to Smauglin for being the most adorable monster ever.

High fives and post-game butt-slaps to Henry Patterson and our friends at GhostTheory.

Love  to Rev. Jeff, Shawn Evidence, and the Mulder’s World gang for the kick ass support of WiW.

Shout out to the neighbor kid who yelled “I love farting!” while we were writing this week’s edition.

And thank YOU for watching!


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