Neon UFOs, Alien Autopsies, and Greg Gets Aural (Photography): Week in Weird Episode #3

Neon UFOs, Alien Autopsies, and Greg Gets Aural (Photography): Week in Weird Episode #3

A phantom with tosses boxes in a spooky new ghost video, aliens mutilate animals in the Florida forests, neon UFOs terrorize an 83 year old Australian man, and Greg heads to the psychic fair to settle a decade old question: is he evil? All of that and more, in this edition of The Week in Weird!

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Show Notes:

“Shadow Boxer: Mischievous Ghost Caught on Film”


“Wave of Mutilation: ‘Alien Autopsy’ Discovered on Wild Boar”

“Glowing Encounters of the 3rd Kind”

Special Thanks:

Stan and company at First Star Psychic Fairs for helping us settle a ten year question of my “bad aura”. I’m not evil! Redeemed at last!

Byron Malerba for being the internet’s proverbial stick with which to poke alien-experimented animals.

Craig Woolheater for hosting our beautiful mugs at Cryptomundo last week.

 Bear Bigfoot hugs to Rev. JeffShawn Evidence, and the Mulder’s World gang for the kick ass support of WiW.

And a last but not certainly not least, thank YOU for watching!


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