"Luminous Poltergeist" Filmed by Terrified Witness [Video]

“Luminous Poltergeist” Filmed by Terrified Witness [Video]


A French man is convinced he’s captured a spirit on camera after the phantom woke him from a nightmare.

Just before 6:00AM on Thursday, Georges Lurk was awoken from a nightmare to the sounds of Steven Spielberg’s Poltergeist playing on the television. After waking from his dream while violently shaking, Lurk had a feeling that something was wrong, and left his friend’s home to shake off the fear and grab a breath of fresh air. That’s when he saw a poltergeist that didn’t belong to Spielberg.

“I was frightened and I recorded the sound of the animals to keep a souvenir from that night,” he wrote on YouTube. “When I recorded, I saw movement on the screen, so I looked at it. The light was almost vanished. I waited, eyes lock on the screen, craving to see more activity. I thought nothing more happened, so I stop recording. But when I saw the video again I noticed a second luminous spectre.”


The video shows Lurk standing on a desolate road beneath a street light. As various animals howl in the background, a halo of light suddenly beams out from the lamp, crowning the screen momentarily before it disappears.

Is this some kind of ghost? Lurk believes so, even others do not.

“I hate myself for not recording my entire walk back to my friend house.. It could be a credible paranormal proof ..”

My first thought was that the weird flare could have been a drop of moisture on the lens (as it appears to be raining outside) but it doesn’t appear to bead or drip the way a drop of rain would. Condensation, perhaps? A portal to the spirit world? A Spielberg summoned spectre? Watch the clip below and let us know what you think on Facebook, on Twitter, or in the comments.


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