Google Earth User Finds "Something Large" in Loch Ness; Giant Eel?

Google Earth User Finds “Something Large” in Loch Ness; Giant Eel?


A Google Earth user made an interesting discovery while poking around Scotland’s famous Loch Ness this week, and thinks it could be Nessie.

The image shows a very long, pale object snaking through the waters of the loch, not much like the description of the prehistoric beast we usually hear. Could Nessie be a giant eel?

“I didn’t really expect to see anything but boat wakes, and did spot several small spots that are probably just that,” LadyGreenEyes wrote on Above Top Secret. “To my surprise, I DID see something else, though. I located, along the eastern shore, something rather long and serpentine-looking. It does NOT look like a boat wake (seen plenty of those in other lakes on there…), and it is too big to be a log.”


It’s long been debated on whether or not sightings of Nessie were just misidentified giant eels, but judging from the length of the object in this image, this would have to be an eel of gargantuan proportions.

“I know many reports are of something with a heavier body, but some are something long and thinner. From the many descriptions, if all were real, there would have to be more than one sort of “monster” in the loch!”

The coordinates for the strange anomaly are: latitude: 57°10’25.8″  longitude: 4°36’54.1″ for anyone wanting to go scope the mystery out for themselves.

What are your thoughts on the odd satellite capture? Could it be Nessie cresting the water? A giant eel? Just some waves? Leave your thoughts on our Facebook page, on twitter @WhoForted, or in the comments below!



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