Witness: Pennsylvania Dogmen Stalk Me, Send Me Telepathic MEssages

Witness Report: “Pennsylvania Dogmen Stalk Me in the Forest and Send Me Telepathic Messages”


Dogman reports have been giving Bigfoot sightings a run for their money lately. With a countless number of frightening encounters with the werewolf-like monsters cropping up all over North America, it’s no surprise that there’s now a conference dedicated exclusively to the cryptid creature. Some reports, though, are stranger than others.

Our latest witness report comes from a man, named Zay, who says that the tales of upright, bipedal canine creatures, or dogmen, are real. He knows they exist not just because he’s found their massive prints, but because he literally walks with them in the dark forests of Pennsylvania. According to him, they’re even telepathic.

I’ve edited the post for grammar and readability, but the information remains exactly the same.



The united states was once all “wild territory” before humans began developing these lands for the purposes of man, and vast areas of wilderness have been destroyed. I believe creatures like dogmen and Sasquatch exist, but I don’t think of them as “monsters”. My biggest concern is not the fact that these creatures exist. My concern is with people disrespecting these beings, creatures that have been here long before we were. The ignorance and arrogance of man has led to so much suffering and injustice, not only for people, but also for the truly indigenous inhabitants of these lands, such as Sasquatch, dogmen, and other wildlife.

It would seem that these dogmen, while tending to be displeased and frustrated with human kind, also have an uncanny reserve of respect for people, and is one of the reasons, why I trust and admire them so much. It has been said that dog men have killed dogs and cattle, but rather than being consumed with fear and ignorance, you also need to have a more mature sense of reasoning and understanding for why they do the things they do, and to look beyond the value we place on ourselves and ways of life, to ask ourselves if we have been good stewards of this earth, of which I feel, people have not been good stewards.

If given a choice between passing through cryptid territory or gang territory, I would choose dog men and big foot over humans any day. I have walked through dog man territories in Pennsylvania before, without fear, because I trust them, with a kind of trust that I don’t often have for humans. There are very few people in this world I would genuinely trust. I know just how arrogant and angry spirited people can be. I know quite a bit angry about my own kind, and am far more interested in knowing more about cryptids and protecting their habitats from further human development and destruction.

As a mid-life bachelor, I have been around long enough to know what the true nature of man really is, and I see a lot of things regarding humanity that just turns my stomach. Real love and courage is not always about supporting your own species. Sometimes, it is about protecting an area of life that few people understand, due to their ignorance and arrogant ways. A truly courageous heart is one that stands against their own kind, and stands next to those whose world is being destroyed by greed and selfishness.

Very few people understand what courage really is. Courage is not about facing a werewolf, because I have visited with a werewolf in a sighting area more than once. Courage is not about traversing through dogman areas with guns and ammunition, because I have visited dogman territories numerous times, always alone and unarmed. If I am not worthy to be here, then the dogmen can have me, but I have yet to experience aggression from them, and have had several subtle encounters with dogmen.

I have recently discovered a 3-toe paw print that was almost as big as the palm of my hand, and was so fresh, that the dog man could have been watching me as I passed by. Most people are trapped inside the bubble of their own existences. I reach out to the life around me.

don’t write books nor am I well known. I’m a bachelor that lives a very quiet and private life, and one of things I love to do, is to get acquainted with the unknown. Anger, fear and arrogance rarely wins anyone friends that are truly trustworthy. The kind of feelings that you emit from your life force are the same ones that are going to be attracted to you.

I have literally had dogmen approach me after dark, announcing their presence with sounds that defy what you would reason as being from average animals. I have heard mystical heavy breathing sounds, to non aggressive growls of acknowledgment. I even had a dogman creep up on me for 15 minutes that I was aware of the entire time, and when I sensed that it was very close, perhaps right behind me, I had a black and white telepathic image of a canine head and snout that came into my mind. It’s an amazing world.

People think that people like us are weird, but then, most people never venture very far out into the waters of life, and if they do, they often go about it completely wrong and with the wrong intentions. This planet does not belong to humans. There are other life forms here living with us, and we also need to learn to be more respectful of the life around us, and learn to “share the planet”. People are always taught about sharing when they are young, but most people are only taught to share with other people, not wildlife. Sharing with other areas of life is not really about giving gifts of food, or other items that have little value. Sharing, is also about sharing planet earth with other areas of life, and not being greedy and conceited, and hoarding life and this planet for ourselves.

When you have a character like I have, you would be amazed just how many enemies you can find within humanity, and also reveals just how corrupt it is as well, which is why the forests are the friendliest places for me to visit, one of the few places I can go where I actually feel safe, especially in places where there are dogmen and Sasquatch, they don’t have much goodwill toward people with angry and disrespectful spirits.

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