Ghost Snatches Family's Clothing.. While They're Wearing Them!

Ghost Snatches Family’s Clothing.. While They’re Wearing Them!


A frustrated family in the suburbs of Zimbabwe is having a bit of trouble sleeping lately. You see, a ghost keeps stealing their clothing in the middle of the night. As if that wasn’t hard enough to deal with, the angry spirit is stripping them of the clothes they’re sleeping in.

The Kazembe family has been experiencing this weird problem since October, and despite many sleepless nights and countless prayers, the angry spirit continues to sneakily undress the family in their sleep.

“We go to bed without hassles but at around 1am we hear weird sounds but when we try to rise we find ourselves failing to move, as if we have been tied to the bed. I don’t know what happens afterwards but we wake up naked in the morning,” Noel Kazembe told Bulawayo24 News.


“I have done all you can think of in terms of prayers but nothing has happened. I took up the issue with my church elders and they tried to help but to no avail. Even a senior prophet came to my house and prayed but we woke up naked the following morning,” he said.

Word among the locals is that the thefts are being performed by the angry spirit of a man murdered by Noel’s brother, a rumor that Noel dismisses as “nonsensical”.

The Kazembe family are hesitant to do so, but believe they may have to resort to “traditional” methods of removing the spirit, via a witchdoctor.

Here’s hoping he brings a spare set of undies.

Bizarrely enough, this isn’t even the first report of a garment stealing ghost. It’s not even the first report this year. Back in January, a Georgia woman filed a police report stating that a disembodied spirit had stolen not only one of her favorite dresses, but her resume as well.

Maybe there’s just a lot of fashion forward phantoms out there doing their best to avert style crime from beyond the grave. They should count themselves lucky; Hollywood stars pay good money for that kind of service.

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