Eerie Glowing Red Arcs Appear in the Sky Over Europe, But What Are They?

Eerie Glowing Red Arcs Appear in the Sky Over Europe, But What Are They?


This eerie sight, invisible to the naked eye, was captured high above the skies of Italy with the help of sensitive photographic equipment.. but what is it? A UFO cloaking device? An invisible dome of energy controlling the locals’ minds? A pulse emanating from a secret government weapon? Nothing supernatural, it would seem, but something just as neat.

According to researchers working with the incredibly expensive¬†All-Sky Imaging Air-Glow Observatory (ASIAGO) cameras located in northern Italy, what we’re seeing is a rare look at a geomagnetic storm, when particles from the sun crash into the magnetosphere, giving off a faint red glow noticeable by only high tech equipment.

Researchers previously believed that much of Europe had too much light pollution to effectively see the red arcs, but are now thrilled to see that isn’t the case. Why would measuring the arcs be important? Because it allows scientists to see the effect of space weather on earthly communications in real time, an application that may prevent disruptions not only here, but in space travel.


Or that’s what they want us to think anyway. For more scientific information on the eerie arcs, head on over to Our Amazing Planet.

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