Smoke Pours from Possessed Ghost Hunter After Holy Water is Poured on His Neck

Video Shows Smoke Pouring from “Possessed” Ghost Hunter After Holy Water Cleansing Session

ghost hunter billows smoke when doused in holy water

Holy smokes! A recently released video claims to show a paranormal investigator having some rather adverse side effects to holy water, a response that the ghost hunters believe resulted from being possessed.

In a clip shot last Halloween, the team at LiveSciFi are shown searching for evidence of the paranormal in Atchinson, Kansas’ own Sallie House, when they decided to attempt an communication with spirits by combining the use of a Ouija board with a famous technique called “The Ganzfield Experiment” (meant to induce hallucinations that some believe are actually psychic impressions). Their results frightened them and led to some interesting footage.

When the subject, Tim Wood, began convulsing in the corner of the house, the team rushes to his side in an effort to snap him out of the trance. Once he regains his composure, the group heads outside to “cleanse” Wood with holy water.


“That’s scary shit,” he says. “I’m, like, freaked out. I don’t want to go back in the house.”

He only got more freaked out when, as his partners drizzled the blessed holy water, his neck began to smoke and steam. The group didn’t waste any time testing the water on themselves, but the reaction was exclusive to Wood. Their conclusion? He must be possessed.

“I felt extremely out of it,” Tim told a user on YouTube. “I actually got sick to my stomach and was throwing up.. I didn’t feel like myself.”

You can watch the video below, but the team warns no one to attempt the experiment themselves under any circumstances as it could “lead to a case of demonic possession”.  I’ll admit that I’m not entirely sold on the event, as live Halloween episodes generally don’t have the greatest track record of realism, but I’m curious as to what you think. Was Tim Wood attacked by the demonic, or was there a simpler reason as to why his skin was the only one to steam? Send me your thoughts on twitter @WeirdHQ, message me on Facebook, or drop me a line in the comments section below.

The good stuff happens around the 34 minute mark:


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