In Center of Town, Giant Penis Erected to Appease Soul Stealing "Widow Ghost"

In Center of Town, Giant Penis Erected to Appease Soul Stealing “Widow Ghost”


The people of Thailand certainly have a rather unique way of dealing with malevolent ghosts. Namely, they build huge penis statues.

Residents of Nong Yai in Rayong have been dealing with a troublesome “Widow Ghost” sucking the life out of the village men for some time now. In fact, the angry phantom has reportedly killed so many men over it’s 20 year rampage that it’s earned the town the nickname of “The Widow Village”, ensuring that visiting men know what they’re walking into.

So exactly what makes the Widow Ghost any different than your run of the mill spook? The spirit targets young men, sucking their life force and draining them of their energy, tiring them, until they’re but an empty shell. On the night the men finally die, the Widow appears to them in the form of a beautiful woman, fulfills their sexual desires, and in doing so, steals their souls.


Women, right?

Anyway, the Widow’s haunting has resulted in a pile of dead men and plenty of villagers fleeing for their lives. The village women eventually got tired of the old hag stealing their boyfriends, so they decided to do something about her: they erected a gigantic dong in the center of town. Now, each year the women perform a ceremony that involves sprinkling the wang’s two foot shaft with holy water.

Nattacha Butchali, a 47 year old villager, insisted to The Phuket Gazette that the story was true and not just a case of “naive villagers” believing strange tales. Thank god for the magic wiener. Without it, Nong Yai would be screwed and I wouldn’t be able to see how many ways I can say “dick” in one news update.

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