Ghost Hunters Capture Eerie Image of a Floating Torso in Ohio "Dungeon"

Ghost Hunters Capture Eerie Image of a Floating Torso in Ohio “Dungeon”


Two paranormal investigation teams are convinced that they’ve made contact with the other side after a handful of stakeouts in “the dungeon”, a basement jail located beneath the Sandusky County Historical Jail, and they’ve offered up their photographic evidence in an effort to convert the skeptics.

One of the skeptics they’ve managed to convert so far is Sandusky County Administrator Warren Brown, who never believed in ghosts until Big Dawg Paranormal (yes, their real name) played back footage of his head being humped by what they believe was a ghostly presence.

“At that point in time, when that thing hovers over my head, I had an absolutely bone-chilling cold run down to my very core,” he told The Coshocton Tribune. “I’m not real susceptible to this stuff, and I’m a skeptic, but now, I’m a lot less skeptical.”


Another paranormal team, the Ohio Researchers of Banded Spirits (or ORBS, for short) managed to snag something that they believe is even better: an image that appears to be the floating torso of a a phantom floating in one of the dungeon’s long corridors. Could it be that one of the jail’s former prisoners ended up with a sentence longer than death?

“We’ve done a lot of cases over the years,” Chris Page of ORBS said. “We’ve been to a lot of amazing places, and you take something different from each place. We’ve always been asked, ‘What place is the most haunted?’ I think this, for activity-wise and rich history, this is right up there with everything we’ve done to date.”

What do you think? Did the paranormal teams manage to capture disembodied spirits with their cameras? Was Warren Brown touched from beyond the veil? Is there ever a good enough reason to name your team Big Dawg Paranormal? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, tweet us @WeirdHQ, or leave a message in the comments section below!


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