Unidentifiable Woman Appears in Rural Tennessee Bar, Speaks Only of "God the Father"

Unidentifiable Woman Appears in Rural Tennessee Bar, Speaks Only of “God the Father”

Tennessee authorities are seeking the identity of this woman.

Tennessee police are seeking the public’s help in identifying a semi-mute woman who mysteriously appeared at a rural bar last week. The woman carried no belongings, will not give a name, and only speaks of “God the Father.”

The woman reportedly appeared at The Big Orange Bar in Carryville, Tennessee, 30 miles north of Knoxville (the nearest metroolitan center), on the evening of Thursday, June 28th. None of the regular patrons have any clue who she is, and all attempts to identify the woman have so far resulted in failure. According to police, the woman only speaks roughly 30-40 words, and answers nearly every question asked with “God the Father”.

“Everything is God the father. Who’s your mother? God the father. Her preacher, mother, father, sister, brother – everything is God the father. She has a very limited vocabulary,” Assistant Police Chief Stephanie Smith told Missing Persons News.

A bone scan revealed that the woman is between 16 and 21 years of age, and a cesarian section scar revealed that he has given birth relatively recently. When asked about the child, she responded, “the baby is dead. God the father killed the baby. The baby is with God the father.”


Despite lack of identity, the woman appears to be in good health.

Authorities are requesting that anyone with information on the mysterious woman’s identity contact the Caryville Police Department at 423-562-9474 or 423-562-8095.

UPDATE: Police have discovered the woman’s identity.


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