Man Shares Eerie Photos of Ghostly Black Footprints That Regularly Appear During the Night

Man Shares Eerie Photos of Ghostly Black Footprints That Regularly Appear During the Night


I don’t know about you, but if I came into work in the morning and found mysterious footprints all over the place, I’d probably think that someone broke in. That’s exactly what one man thought too, until the prints continued appear over and over again each and every night. The weirdest part? The strange set of tracks would often lead directly into walls, cabinets, or even disappear altogether.

After months of finding bizarre footprints walking all over his workplace, a man going by the username “Kappnfalcon” took to reddit’s r/paranormal boards to get some advice. Sometimes, he explained, the footprints would look like they belonged to a fully grown man, other times they were the size of a small child’s foot, and even stranger were the random positions in which they were always found.



Kappynfalcon claims that his unnamed store even has a motion-activated 24 hour security cameras that record any activity in every room of the building, and he swears there’s never anything review on the tapes.

“Sometimes it’s just a single footprint leading nowhere, but there have been times when the footprints lead a trail into the walls. At first we thought someone had broken into the store, but after reviewing the security footage, nothing entered or left the store and did not capture anything inside the store. My manager has even walked the floor before closing the store and has confirmed the footprints appear sometime during the night. I was also told earlier this week a set of children’s footprints appeared mid day behind the registers were only the cashier are allowed.”

Lucky for us, Kappnfalcon was able to snap a few pictures of a recent set, and if you didn’t know the backstory associated with them, you’d just think someone had been walking around the building with a seriously dirty pair of feet.


There were quite a few theories tossed out about the prints, including everything from homeless intruders to a workplace prank were suggested, but it was a redditor named Return_Of_The_Jack who shed some interesting insight to a minor detail. Jack explained that as far as paranormal incidents are concerned, bare black footprints are often associated with portals or gateways based on “spirit lines”.

Watch out, Kappnfalcon, your store might just be located smack in the middle of a portal to the netherworld.

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