The Devil's Baby: Ravenswood, West Virginia's Creepiest Legend

The Mysterious Grave of the Devil’s Baby: Ravenswood, West Virginia’s Creepiest Legend

Ravenswood WV

Ravenswood WV

Ravenswood, a city located in Jackson County West Virginia along the Ohio River has always been a place of dark history. The town was built on a tract of land once owned by George Washington. River boats used to travel the Ohio River and Ravenswood was a major stop along their way. During the civil war a battle was fought about a mile north at Buffington Island.

Many famous and non-famous visitors have come and went over the years at Ravenswood and naturally some ghost stayed behind to roam the area. The cemetery is filled with some very interesting people. Even a Napoleon bodyguard is buried in the cemetery.

Growing up in Ravenswood West Virginia, I had never paid much mind to any ghost stories, I guess you say I was just interested in the girls. A friend of mine told me a story that the devils baby was buried in the local cemetery. He claimed a tomb stone which bore a photo of a baby with fangs glowed in the dark. He also claimed that at midnight you hear a baby cry.

The Devils Baby

The Devils Baby

Being the unbeliever that I was, I took him up on the offer to visit this grave for myself, of course, at night. Well, there we were, walking around a grave yard at night, no flashlight, just the light of the moon when all of a sudden I saw a glow. A grave stone was glowing! When I saw it I was amazed, not scared. The photo on the grave stone did indeed glow in the dark. And the photo of the baby did look as though it had fangs. But we never heard a baby cry, must have been sleeping well.


Years went by and I told my wife about this experience the other day. You see I had forgotten about it till now. We decided to visited the cemetery, this time we were going to visit it in the day light.

I had problems trying to locate the exact location of the grave stone. I asked an employee that worked there if he know of such a story, he laughed and said, “You mean the devil’s baby?” He then led us right to the grave site. The photo on the stone marker did resemble a baby with evil eyes and maybe some teeth that did resemble fangs. I guess the weather had taken the toll on the photo over the years. It did, indeed, glow in the dark. Maybe the paper the photo was printed on exposed to the sunlight had something to do with that or maybe, just maybe it is the devils baby. George the devil’s baby.


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